May 24th: Nestle Kit Kat

UPDATE: 24/07/10 - I've added in a picture of the Kit Kat Chunky + updated my review with my thoughts on how it compares to the four finger.

Kcal 233 Fat 12.2g Fat(sats) 8.3g Carbs 28.2g

Now I honestly don't think there can be too many people alive in the UK today that have never at one time in their life had a Kit Kat - if we are being truthful these are probably more likely to grace the average persons lunchbox rather than an apple. Whilst the Kit Kat has iconic status in the UK, you might also want to experiment by typing Kit Kat into google. You will be literally amazed at the number of hits of websites you will get in the Far East - they seem to have more variations of the Kit Kat than we have alternatives in our whole confectionery range here in the UK. So how does the original version we have here in the UK size up on the Chocolate Mission ranking then!? ...sorry to spoil the surprise if you have avoided the end but I can confirm it does pretty good.

As you can see above I sampled this in the 'classic' four finger product (45.5g). This did seem rather large in proposition, but I was left wanting more after polishing the fourth finger off. The design of the bar has always been pretty flawless - personally I'm happy with either a four or a Chunky, though I do have a soft spot for the iconic status of the four finger. The finger design is flawless in concept and makes for a handy and nice looking product. The inscribed 'Kit Kat' symbol placed on top, in my opinion always makes Kit Kats look extra classy look. One thing that is consistent across both formats, is that the foil wrappers do a great job of keeping the products both looking and smelling fresh. The Kit Kat I ate for today's review smelt both chocolatey and creamy with just a hint of savoury biscuit.

As I'm sure we are all aware Kit Kats constitute of 'layered wafers surrounded and coated in milk chocolate'. The bar has a nice texture to it with the base having a slightly thicker layer of chocolate - personally I like nibbling off the thin chocolate layer on top and then eating the exposed wafer with the rest of the chocolate base. The wafer had a nice light crispness which avoided melting away too quickly in the mouth - it lasted sufficiently long enough to provide a subsequently pleasant flavour. The chocolate was typical of other Nestle products. No it wasn't special by any means, but it had a smooth flavour flow that had a decent balance of milk and cocoa flavours. Unlike some wafer products, I always find that the Kit Kat wafers always deliver a decent amount of flavour. Though I would say the Chunky format is better at delivering long lasting flavours, this four finger bar still managed to generate the desired wheat biscuit flavours. The contrast of savoury wafer and sweet chocolate are what make the Kit Kat so great.

Overall there's a reason why the Kit Kat has such a iconic status ... it tastes great ... it looks great and its just an overly fun product. For me it's only slight issues comes in that it could be a little more substantial - whenever I eat a four finger or a Chunky I still feel like I could eat another. I'm not sure I should even bother recommending this because chances are that you would have tried a Kit Kat sometime in your life. Just to be on the safe side though, I genuinely recommend this product to anyone - go on 'have a break - have a Kit Kat'.... I had to get that in somewhere ;) very close to breaking into the Chocolate Mission top 5!

8.3 out of 10