May 24th: Montezuma's "Jungle Fever"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Its been awhile since I dipped into the Montezuma's range and judging by the amount I enjoyed tonights bar its been far too long.

The crazy Montezuma's range names continue with this bar named "Jungle Fever" encompasses 'organic milk chocolate with fruit & nut'. To be more specific the bar contains milk chocolate with 34% solids, organic walnuts (10%), organic coconuts (8%), organic sultanas (8%) and lastly organic apricots (3%)....frankly this bars crammed full of bits and bobs and as you can see above it makes the appearance of the bar look rather intresting.

Despite this bar also being 45g (the same as all the other bars in the speciality gift set) it did a geat job of satisfying my hunger...more so than some of the others - im sure this is accountable due to the extra chunky elements of the nuts and fruit.

As with the other Montezuma's bars this variant didnt hit all the right notes in the aroma category. Its smell wasnt overly strong...just a subtle milky cocoa smell with no real evidence of any nuts or fruity notes...a bit disappointing.

Due to the large nature of the fruits and nuts pieces the bar didnt break up amazingly still split relatively easily into six blocks but they were random in size.

The thing that amazed me about this bar was the variance in flavours that each block had. The chocolate was simply divine - it reminded me an awful lot of Galaxy chocolate...milky, creamy and smooth with just a slight vanilla note. The walnut and coconut elements were fresh in flavour and had their typical strong nutty flavours. The walnuts were slightly woody in taste whilst the coconut had a slight milky edge...both were delicious. The raisin and apricot pieces also had refreshing full bodied flavours. In most fruit and nut bars the inclusion of raisins have tended to be relatively flavourless and not added anything to the bar...this wasnt the case here...the raisins had a nice slighty sugary fruity taste. The apricots also had a sweet fruity flavour and added a nice chewy element to the texture.

Overall this is definately the best tasting 'fruit & nut' bar on the market. Unfortunately due to its mediocre look and smell it dosent quite out score the Cadbury's Fruit & Nut - but if your looking solely tastewise you can do little wrong here. The organic nature of the ingredients makes for a fresh tasting full flavoured only slight qualm comes in that there are some slight issues with the proportioning of the ingredients...some blocks are packed full of fruit and nut whilst others are just plain chocolate...its not a major issue though and its one I can certainly live with. If your a fan of fruit and nut bars I definately recommend this bar...its a premiuim price - but its a premiuim taste...good work Montezuma's.

8.2 out of 10