May 25th: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures

Kcal 210 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 22.0g (per 5 cups - 39g)

Now arent these the cutest things you have ever seen?! These came into possesion courtesy of the kind people at in a 150g bag which ecquates to about 4 servings of 5 20 in all.

Being a massive fan of all things peanut butter I could hardly contain myself when I opened the plastic packet and an initial waft of peanut butter overcame my senses...these smelt soooo good and were eminating a lively and fragrant nutty aroma - very very enticing.

Despite their relative small size I was impressed to find each cup came protected in both a foil and paper cup wrapping...this not only looked smart but ensured that cups maintained their freshness and shape.

As you can see from the cross section above each cup had a relatively thick chocolate coating. In these minatures the proportion of chocolate to peanut butter certainly does favour the chocolate side of things - especially when you compare these to the 'Big Cup' versions which are litterally crammed to the brim with the creamy stuff.

This effected the texture and taste of the cups slightly in comparison to their standard sized siblings. The thicker chocolate made for a initial pleasant crunchy element, providing a nice 'cracking' feel. Unfortunately the overall texture was slightly offset in comparison. The chocolate in these miniatures is again the same slight disappointment it is in every Reese's product...slightly lacking in flavour with a weired waxy texture. Unfortunately as it is slightly more prominant in this variant it is at its detriment, as the waxy texture masked some of the amazing peanut butter flavour. The peanut butter despite lacking a bit in proportionality still had a lovely slightly grainy texture that gaves it that authentic nutty but creamy taste.

Overall these are a variation that certainly smell and look fantastic. They are alot less messy to handle than the original two cups format and just perfect if you would like just a small chocolate snack. Five at a time seems a good number and certainly went away to subsiding the hunger I had. Unfortunately the proportioning of chocolate and peanut butter wasnt quite to my taste - I would prefer more peanut butter...however despite this I still very much enjoyed these and would recommend them to any Reese's/peanut butter/nuts fan.

8.4 out of 10

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