May 26th: Toblerone Fruit & Nut

Kcal 495 Fat 25.5g Fat(sats) 15.0g Carbs 61.0g (per 100g)

This review of the Toblerone Fruit and Nut caps off my reviews of the Toblerone range. 'Save the best till last'....has always been a philsophy I have lived by, but its been more just conincedence that the last bar I have sampled in the range has turned out to be my favourite.

The fruit and nut bar dosent actually contain any variation of nut type from the original - it simply just has the same almond ingredient. However, the nut pieces are noticeably larger and more generous in proportion. The fruit element of the bar is comprised of raisins that encompass 12% of the total bar...these again are very generously disperesed with each chunk containg 2-3.

We have long established now that I really like the design of Toblerone...asthetically it looks unique and intresting but what most impressed me with this bar was the way it avoided breaking up unevenly. Despite their chunky contents of the nuts and fruit - each chunk broke off with relative ease and same size. The bar had a pleasant cocoa smell that had a slight nutty hint to it.

So the bar looked good, smelt good and its ingredients proportioned how did it taste?....well it tasted pretty damn awesome aswell. The chocolate was the pleasant milk chocolate that you get the with the had a creamy taste with a hint of honey, only made better with the small but sweet little nougat pieces. The nougat also added a nice little chewyness to the texture once the chocolate had melted in the mouth - great stuff.

If I have had one gripe with the Toblerone range its been the lack of nutty almond flavour. This thankfully is put right here with the almond pieces being larger in size and more generous in proportion. Its always a worry with raisins in chocolate that they get lost in the taste but this wasnt the case - they had a nice sugary fruity flavour and had a distinct slightly chewy texture.
As aforementioned I was extremely impressed with the dispersion of the fruit and nut elements in the bar..each block seem to have an equal share of both which is far better than having one block crammed full of one or the other.

Overall the crunchy nuts and soft raisins agaisnt the creamy chocolate and chewy nougat makes for an outstanding combination of textures and taste. Fruit and nut can be quite hard to pull off, and with other bars I have reviewed before they have struggled with ill proportioned and bland ingredients...this isnt the case here and its definately the best fruit and nut bar I have had to date. Another thing that suprised me was that this had the lowest Kcal per 100g of the whole Toblerone range...thats just another excuse for you to go out and try this one :) . Toblerone fans this is a must....for everyone else...its still a must - this storms into the top 5!

8.8 out of 10