May 27th: Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Bar

Kcal 235 Fat 13.4g Carbs 26.0g

I think you guys are just going to have to trust me with this review as im aware this bar was taken out of distribution by Nestle quite some time ago (boooo!!) how did I get hold of it you ask?...well I came across one a few weeks ago in my local shady corner shop...its best before date was stamped as I should be ok...fingers crossed eh!?...if theres no review tommorow you know why lol!

This bar split into six evenly sized chunks and weighed in at 45g. The bar constituted of milk chocolate with mini smarties dispersed nice and consistently throughout. The blocks split up evenly despite the inclusion of the Smarties...the presence of the Smarties gave the bar a nice colourful look and the enscribed 'Nestle' logo made the bar look suprisingly stylish.

Despite the bar having a slightly dodgy cheap plastic wrapper the smell of the bar wasnt too bad...just a faint cocoa smell that was nothing more and nothing less than slightly appealing.

The milk chocolate of the bar was pretty good. Looking at the ingredients the main ingredient was of course sugar..the next was Cocoa butter which is slightly suprising considering the mass nature of the bar....not suprising when considering the flavour though. The bar had a nice chocolaty taste that was very similar in taste to the chocolate that covers Kit Kats. The milk chocolate brought back memories of when I used to get all excited about finding a Kit Kat with the wafer it was just solid chocolate...I used to get so excited...just me eh!? Anyway...It melted in the mouth at a nice rate and had a milky aftertaste. The mini smarties gave a nice texture to the bar, adding a nice interspersed crunchy element to the smooth chocolate. The sugary nature of the shells also came through with each bite but not overly so to make it sickly.

Overall its a real shame this bar has been taken from the market. The bar dosent exactly have the most prestigous of ingredients for its milk chocolate but in truth its actually rather good tasting. The Smarties add a nice element to the texture of the bar giving it an interesting crunch with the crunchy shells contrasting the smooth chocolate nicely. Its suprising this bars gone but im pretty sure one day it will be back in some incarnation - if it does I would definately recomend it to anyone...especially fans of Smarties, M&M's...and of course solid chocolate Kit Kat saddos like myself :D

7.9 out of 10