May 28th: Nestle Chocolate Log (SA)

Kcal 235 Fat 9.8g Carbs 33.3g

Todays review the 'Nestle Chocolate Log' was contained in my recent batch of goodies from Recently Dom over at Chocoablog cast his opinion over this bar and his review is really worth a read as he comes to alot of the conclusions that I have done here.

So whats the deal with this bar then? 'creamy marshmallow on crisp wafer covered in milk chocolate'.... so....chocolate? Yep...Wafer? Yep...Nestle? Yep!! Surely they have to use the tried and proven Kit Kat formula!?...unfortunately not :(

As you can see above the bar is particularly fragile and despite numerous layers of bubble wrap and general TLC from the guys at Sweetstall the bar couldnt help but crack and spill out its mallow content. Not only did this ruin the look of the bar but it made it particularly messy to eat. The bar in size was rather good - it weighed a suprising 52g but its hunger fufilment achievements were more down to its overly sugary and sickly nature rather than actual hunger subsidement.

The bar unfortunately not only had a horrible asthetic look but also a pretty hideous aroma - it smelt very cheap and artifically you can probably tell by now this wasnt the most attractive proposition and I wasnt expecting too much from the taste.

....and how correct I was :) the chocolate was ok...Ive definately had worse thats for sure, Despite the unfortunate cracking of ontop of the bar the chocolate was relatively thick..more so at the base which did work relatively well. The chocolate provided a sound creamy coating...unfortuntely this was as good as it got. The marshmallow was suprisingly sturdy in Dom said at Chocablog its more akin to a very light nougat - which I had no problem with... unfortunately though it made for a very tasteless light had a very very sugary taste that by the end of the bar made for an overly sweet one and thus sickly. The wafer wasnt much better - it was poor in texture and had no apparent crispness to it...if anything it felt chewy and stale. The flavour was also quite poor lacking any malty sort of flavour found in the likes of Kit had a slight sweet sugary taste which again just added to the sickly nature of the bar.

Overall this was a very disappointing offering from Nestle in a product that has quite a bit of potential. Just think a Kit Kat like product with a layer of marshmallow between the wafer and upper chocolate layer...sounds delicious right!? Unfortunately this isnt executed here...forgetting the appearance and the smell, the bar tastes overly sweet and synthetic....the textures of the mallow and wafer just dont feel quite right!!...lets not even go into the bar ingredients (hydrogenated vegetable oils anyone??...thought not!) a pretty sub-standard bar in my opinion.

4.8 out of 10

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