May 28th: Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bat Medallions

Kcal 200 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 22.0g (per 4 pieces 40g)

Yet another ChocolateMission reader (Justin) has recently very very kindly sent me a great batch of goodies all the way America all in the name of the ChocolateMission cause....thanks again Justin.

So another Limited Edition candy with a movie tie in eh!? This offering from Reese's is tied in with the soon to be released new Batman film. In keeping with the dark coloured nature of our skin tight leather caped friend Batman the traditional Reese's chocolate has been replaced with a darker chocolate...hmmm intresting.

Anyone who reads regularly will know I have a pretty big problem with the standard milk chocolate used in Reese's products...I find it pretty non descript in flavour and waxy in texture...did this new dark chocolate cure this problem?! well read on and find out :)

Justin kindly sent me a serving of four of these pieces which equates to an on package decription of one serving...this is was more than a substantial amount (about 40g) and the rich flavour made for a hunger satisfying product.

Unfortunately the product was slightly damaged in transit (see picture above :( :( ...they got slightly melted..doh!) ... despite this though they still looked rather nice anyway...a deep dark colour with a nice light coloured centre. Looking on the internet each of the pieces is supposed to have a batman symbol enscribed (you can vaguely make it out in the pic above) - on the whole I would say they had a nice look...what I was slightly disappointed with though was the size of the pieces...they were neither minis or standard cups which I think is a tad clumsy...personally I think they should have been kept a standard cup size.

So how did they taste...lets start with the peanut butter..well guess what!? Yep the usual creamy buttery goodness that Reese's are so renowned for. Again the nutty slightly salty flavour contrasted brilliantly agaisnt the slightly grainy texture...I dont need to say it again but I will..its DELICIOUS and smells fantastic aswell!

So the chocolate...well its fabulous and far superior to the standard milk chocolate that Reese's generally use...but... and there is a but!!...its not dark chocolate. It rather just tastes like a stronger chocolate...its far more cocoa rooted than the standard milk chocolate normally used. Despite giving a strong cocoa taste it isnt one that I would overly describe as 'dark'....just more flavoursome and slightly richer....but at the end of the day far far better. With the flavour being stronger the texture seemed less waxy and more substantial.

Overall its a real shame these are a limited edition as these are going to be gone before we know it :( My only gripe with these come in the form of the slightly arkward size they came in...the shape isnt ideal..its a bit big for a mouthful and with no paper wrapper like the standard cups a bit arkward to eat. Despite this the chocolate really is an improvement...its not quite the 'dark' proposition it promises but its a far more flavoursome chocolate than the standard milk chocolate Reese's products...I just wish this was the standard chocolate used in their products. Again as a peanut butter product its superb...Reese's never fail in this department. Not quite as good as the white chocolate variant which remains my favourite but still very very tasty. I very much recommend you stock up on these whilst we can. Great stuff!

8.5 out of 10