May 29th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Tasters

Kcal 240 Fat 13.7g Carbs 25.4g

I hadnt seen these for a good while until I came across them in a Cadbury's branded vending machine at Gatwick airport the other day. These dont seem to be a product that are to readily avalible anymore though I remember a few years ago these were quite popular and also came in the form of a fruit and nut variant.

So let me fill in the people who are unaware what these are...Tasters are simply small solid balls of Dairy Milk that are slightly smaller than maltesers. These came in a pack of 45g...slightly smaller than the 49g that you get with the same chocolate in a single serving solid bar form.

In appearance they arent the most impressive product you will ever come across. They are hardly insulting on the eyes but are simply nothing more than small solid balls of milk enscriptions of any sort..just plain milk chocolate balls...for me not much of an issue but not the most exciting of prospects. Luckily the packet saves the product from mere asthetic mediocrity, its a stunning a pruple wrapper with gold enscribed writing. Not only does the wrapper look good but it also maintains a freshness to the product and retains that distinct dreamy smelling Dairy Milk aroma which eminated as soon as I opened the packet.

In taste these are no different to the Dairy Milk bar - its flavour is very creamy with an initial cocoa flavour that transforms into a wonderful creamy milky aftertaste...its delicious. Where the 'Tasters' format slightly suffers is in the texture of the product...due to their small size they arent the most substantial of products. The Dairy Milk flavour dosent seem to come through quite as strongly with these compared to the block form of the bar and I believe this is due to combination of the pieces small size and large surface area. This means they melt very rapidly in the mouth. Despite the nice aftertaste they leave the melting is too fast and the flavour cant be savoured for as long as with the blocks...which is a shame. Despite the rapidness of the melting the texture they do have once melted is smooth and overly pleasant.

Overall theres no doubting these are still a great tasting product...they were never not going to be as they are simply just Dairy Milk chocolate. Unfortunately the change in format from bar to small pieces dosent quite work. They dont feel as substantial as a proposition as the normal bar and certainly dont look as impressive. The flavour longevity also suffers a tad which is a shame as the taste is just so good. I can see how some people might prefer this format - its a different way to consume compared to a standard bar and their nibbling/snacking potential is endless. These are a great a great product but im not suprised they are currently being phased out...I would just recommend you stick with the standard bar...but if you see these and feel like a slight change from the norm I see no reason why not to give these a try.

8.4 out of 10