May 29th: Oreo Cakesters

Kcal 250 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 36.0g

Who said 'tea and cake' was an English thing eh? It seems everyone outside the UK gets all these different cake products that we simply just dont in the UK! These were another tasty treat from Colarado's own Chocolate Mission reader Justin. You all may recall my sheer fascination and recent addiction to the highly debated Kinder Milk Slice - well these are along the same premise...two cake sponges with a cream like filling....of course with these being Oreo style the cake was chocolate flavoured.

According to the back of pack, a single serving comprimises of two cakes - which together weigh 57g. To be honest these wernt overly substantial and I was still quite hungry after eating both...I certainly wanted to eat a few more :D :D The packet as you can see above was reasonably good looking... what I was rather pleased with was the cardboard sleeve that protected both the did a sterling job to say the least and despite the numerous air miles and extreme weather conditions these faced whilst making their way across the pond, as you can see above they arrived in A+ condition and looked very very appertising.

Unfortunately the smell didnt quite correspond with the look and the aroma was rather lacklusture...not bad smelling just very non descript apart from a relatively low key sweet smell.

The texture of the cakes were suprisingly sturdy. The chocolate cake pieces were more akin to firm chocolate brownie rather than a light cake texture like found in the Kinder Slices. To be honest I preffered this more viscuous type cake as it allowed for a stronger flavour. The taste of the cake pieces was suprisingly more chocolaty than you get with the biscuit version of Oreos, incedently I was suprised by this as looking at the ingredients the actual cocoa content was low.

The middle cream centre of the Cakesters was much lower in proportion that seen in comparison to the Kinder Slice. Its taste was much alike the centre filling you get with standard Oreos...slightly milky but the dominant flavour being a sugary sweet one. Its texture was again very similar to the centre of a standard Oreo biscuit though ever so slightly lighter and more whipped.

Overall although these have scored marginally higher than the KinderMilk Slice, if it was a direct taste on taste contest I would say the Kinder option is superior. As an all round product though these Oreo Cakesters slightly edge it as a contest as they have more appealing look and superior texture to the cake element. These are certainly an incredibly moreish product and after consuming two I was more than ready for another...which isnt an entirely good thing in my opinion. I would definately recommend these if you enjoy the Kinder Slice or Oreos...or just generally if you like cakey products.

7.3 out of 10

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