May 2nd: Cadburys Top Deck (Aus)

Kcal 300 Fat 17.7g Fat(sats) 11.1g Carbs 31.1g

I found this bar listed at under their Australian section...I dont ever recall seeing this in the UK and im pretty sure its never been on the UK market.

The Cadburys Top Deck encorporates a bottom layer of Cadburys Dairy Milk and an upper layer of Cadburys 'Dream' white chocolate. It came in a 55g bar which split into eight sizeable chunks - it was really more than adequete satisfying my hunger.

Asthetically as you can see above it did look rather appertising, the same however cant be said for the smell. The bar had an extremely sweet cheap scent that was rather off certainly didnt fill me with anticipation.

The blocks of the bar broke away really quite easily, Taking the first block between my teeth I was actually able to split the two layers. The bottom Dairy Milk layer was quite similar to the Dairy Milk we enjoy here in the UK. It was slightly less creamy, and it had a slightly less thick texture once melted....the differences wernt major, but on balance I would say the UK Dairy Milk is slighty better.

The 'Dream' white chocolate topping was extremely similar in taste to what we have here in the UK 'Dream' bar....unfortunately this is not such a good thing. The taste is extremely sweet... too sweet even and its to the point that the bar quickly becomes sickly in taste (it gave me that dreadful feeling at the back of my throat..hard to describe). Even when the two layers arent split and eaten in tandem the white 'Dream' layer dominates the Dairy Milk which of course makes for an extremely sweet 55g!

Overall this is a bar that I would strongly suggest you probably leave alone. The Dairy Milk has a nice enough taste and texture, but the overly sweet white chocolate layer really spoils this bar. The taste reminds me of extremely cheap white chocolate and its sickly flavour is not suprising considering the main ingredient of the 51% white chocolate is of course....Sugar. I wouldnt reccomend trying this, but if your like me and like to try everything at least once dont expect much.

5.8 out of 10