May 30th: Nestle Violet Crumble (Aus)

Kcal 240 Fat 8.6g Fat(sats) 8.3g Carbs 38.0g

"G'day There Skip"...errr yeh... todays bar comes all the way from 'Down-Under' Australia via my good pals at Sweetstall. The Violet Crumble is Nestle's answer to the Cadbury Crunchie - a bar that I genuinely have alot of love for.

The Violet Crumble came in a very sizeable serving - and was contained in a pretty stylish purple foil pack. On pack it described itself as 'delicious shattering choc coated honeycomb'.... as you can probably gauge from this description and picture above the product proposition is entirely the same as the Crunchie.

The foil wrapper ensured the product retained a pleasant aroma - slightly chocolaty but with a nice hint of honey - an overly enticing smell.

The outside coating of the bar was comprimised of milk chocolate. Its flavour was reasonable - it was quite sweet but had a nice milky undertone. Unfortunately it wasnt quite thick enough for my liking and its flavour was quickly lost in the midst of the honeycomb centre.

The honeycomb centre....oh dear where do I start. Unfortunately unlike the aroma, a honey taste was nowhere to be seen. The honeycomb was sickeningly sweet and could be described as nothing more but tasting of sugar. Its texture was also pretty bad...I dont know if you guys have ever tasted freeze dried food? Astronuaght food?...but its texture was exactly like that...dry as a bone. It was so dry infact that it made the honeycomb congeal with the saliva in my mouth and literally just stick to my sad to say but it was horrible.

Overall if this was a boxing the red corner the Cadbury Crunchie....and in the blue corner the Nestle Violet Crumble....well I hope the blue corner brought a pillow cause its 'going to sleep'....the Cadbury Crunchie would win with a first round KO...the difference in class is that large. The chocolate of the Violet Crumble isnt bad...its passable thats for sure. The bar also looks nice in appearance and I cant fault it for its hunger fufilment credentials...its certainly a big bar. The product literally self combusts when it comes to the honeycomb filling...its tastes ever so sickley and has none of the honey tasting goodness that you get in the Crunchie. Whats even worse than the taste is the texture - it sucks any sort of moistness from the mouth and annoylingly just clings to your teeth...just horrible. I genuinely wouldnt recommend this bar to anyone...I wouldnt want to be held to that...I guess if your a massive fan of the Crunchie I could see why you could be interested in at least sampling this bar but If Im honest I would leave it well alone.

5.8 out of 10

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