May 31st: Toblerone Honeycomb Crisp

Kcal 515 Fat 27.0g Fat(sats) 16.0g Carbs 62.0g

Well this was pretty inevitable wasnt it....on Monday I 'rounded off' my reviews of the Toblerone range with my review of the 'Fruit & Nut' variant....well just to make me look silly Kraft have managed to release another variant of Toblerone that not even the internet seems to have heard of!!! Yes a google search and even the Toblerone site dosent show any knowledge of the existance of todays bar....Toblerone 'Honeycomb Crisp'.

Now heres where things get a little complicated....the name and on pack description mentions 'Honeycomb Crisp'...the description says "milk chocolate with almond, honey, nougat and added honeycomb pieces".....ok...but one look at the ingredients and this dosent transpire...milk chocolate...yes, almond...yes, honey...yes, nougat...yes but honeycomb pieces...nope! Instead included is 'rice'. So it turns out this isnt actually honeycomb but infact rice diguised as how did it fare?

Appearance - brilliant as ever! Not quite the high standard of the 'Dark' or 'Fruit & Nut' variants but still pretty damn nice looking. The aroma was also very nice - as with the other variants a nice cocoa smell but with this bar it was complimented with an added sweet edge..not a synthetic smelling one though - a nice fresh one.

On to the big one then....the taste!! Well initially I wasnt overly impressed. The bar had a near overpowering initial taste - it is one that I can describe as tasting elderflower like flavour infact! Its initially very strong and overly sweet for my tastebuds. Luckily this primary flavour was quickly diluted by the creamy chocolate and it soon transformed to a strong honey like flavour that was far more bearable and overly nice. As you can imagine with the added rice cereal the bar had more of a 'snap, crackle and pop' texture. It made for an intresting texture and none the less it complimented the smooth chocolate and small chewy nougat flakes nicely.

Overall this isnt the best of the Toblerone range....infact its scored the lowest of the lot lol...but thats not to say it isnt a nice is. I was a tad disappointed with the fact that the on pack description was a bit misleading...its not actually honeycomb, its a bar with an excentuated honey flavour and a rice crispy texture. Not really the same thing is it!?...but it is what it is and despite it having a pretty overpowering initial flowery noted taste it transformed into a nice strong honey rooted flavour with a great tasting base of great quality milk chocolate. Definately worth giving a try if your fans of the Toblerone range - to be honest Im genuinely intrested in hearing peoples opinions on this bar...that all depends on you being able to find it first though.

7.8 out of 10