May 3rd: Snickers 'Adventure Bar' (US)

Kcal 250 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 32.0g

This is yet another 'limited edition' candy from the US and was kindly sent to me by the kind folks at!

The Snickers 'Adventure bar' is a 53g bar that adds a slight twist to the original composition of a regular Snickers with the added addition of 'a cliffhangar kick of exotic spice and a hint of sweet coconut'....sounds intresting huh!

Now Despite being 9g smaller than our original UK Snickers this was still really quite a filling bar - suffice to say after finishing the bar I was not needing another. The bar asthetically looked exactly the same to an original Snickers..obviously a bit smaller though.

The added 'adventure' ingredients were oddly MIA from the ingredients list on the back of the mention of any spices or real coconut there - though they didnt take long to make their presence apparent. The bar had a faint coconut aroma, it smelt rather synthetic...which is likely due to the fact it was :) .... this aside the bar retained its nutty smelling attribute that made the original so appertising.

Texturewise the bar remained relatively the same to the original - the caramel and nuts mixed together provided a pleasurable contrast in sticky yet crunchy bites - whilst the nougat retained its fluffy yet slightly firm viscosity.

Tastewise the chocolate had a slight hint of coconut, though the flavour was very sparing in this layer. The caramel and nut combination maintained the brilliant sweet nutty flavour that has that slight hint of saltyness which makes it so incredibly tasty. The main area of change in taste in the bar is the nougat, it had a quite strong coconut flavour that unfortunately was as artifical artifical in taste and it was in smell. Mars used flavourings rather than original ingredients to generate this coconut taste and unforunately its producded an overly sweet flavour - one which unfortunately mostly dominates the other better flavours of the bar. The nougat does also have some slight spice flavours that come through in the after tastes slightly of cinnamon and peppery though these are very subtle and dont add much to the experience.

Overall I would definately say that this variation in recipe dosent do the Snickers any favours. The coconut and spice flavours are generated through flavourings rather than real ingredients, and this is all but apparent through their synthetic and slightly sickly taste. That being said its an intresting contrast of flavours and I guess in a way its worth picking this bar up just to try it out and see if you like it. If you have been waiting for a bit of a Bounty/Snickers mish mash this could be the bar for you...if not probably best you just stick with the awesome original.

8.3 out of 10