May 4th: Cadburys Dairy Milk Snack (Aus)

Kcal 270 Fat 12.1g Fat(sats) 7.6g Carbs 35.0g

The Cadburys Dairy Milk Snack is another single serving imported bar (55g) I got my hands on thanks to - it is originally manufactured in Australia.

I must admit I was rather sceptical at the chances of me liking this bar looking at the wrapper. Now I dont know who pays the marketing guys over at Cadbury Australasia but they seriosuly need to have a word to whoever is in charge of the front of pack information. The wrapper informs you that this bar includes 'Dairy Milk chocolate with six delicous flavours' not anywhere on the pack does it tell you what these flavours are...dont even think about looking at the ingredients for clues..unless your a fan of revising your food flavouring numbers your not going to have much luck there.

For those of you that do want enlightening these 'six delicous flavours' were infact: strawberry, pineapple, orange and coconut fondants with the final two being Turkish Delight and caramel.

Enough about the wrapper - disgarding it revealed the bar was split into blocks which were shaped in accordance to their flavours (see above). Not only did this look rather good but it was also very handy being able to easily distinguish between the flavours. The bar had a very fruity yet unfortunately artifical aroma, this did slightly worry me to how the bar was going to taste.

Texturewise all the flavours were relatively the same. The chocolate covering each was quite plentiful and thick. Again the Dairy Milk from Australia was slghtly less thick in viscosity and a bit less creamy but it was overly nice tasting and correctly proportioned.

Moving on to the six different flavours the four fruity fondants registered mix results with me. The strawberry, orange and pineapple centres were although very sweet, were distinct and not overly sickly due to them being correctly proportioned with the chocolate: each had an individual flavour that delivered in terms of both taste and uniqueness. The same cannont be said for the 'coconut ice' flavour - this was odly pink in colour and had no resembalance to tasting of coconut...furthermore this is made more odd by this being the only fruit centre that actually contained any of the real fruit..puzzling huh.

As you can imagine the Turkish Delight and Caramel blocks were identical to the flavours found in their respective individual Cadburys bars. The caramel block retained the sweetness of the Caramello and made for a nice differentiator from the other fruit flavours. The Turkish Delight had a nice rosewater sweet taste which combined with a slightly runny jelly type texture made for another tasty block.

Overall this is a really intresting bar that succesfully manages to merge six different flavours into an overly satisfying exprience. Though the fruit fondant centres were a tad sweet for my liking they did avoid the trap of being overly sweet and sickly tasting by beig correctly proportioned agaisnt the chocolate. The only slight disappointment as I said is with the utterly pointless 'coconut ice' flavoured block which is truly a waste of one sixth of the bar. At 55g its satisfying for hunger and the bar greatily benefits from the nice-looking shapes that each block corresponds to. I didnt hold out much hope before I tasted this bar, but its truly worth giving a go if your in the mood for something packed full of different fruity flavours.

7.9 out of 10