May 5th: Montezuma's "Whoopee"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I continued making my way through the Montezuma's gift set today sampling the "Whoopee" bar. This was another white chocolate variant from the range and this time had the added flavour of raspberry.

Again this was a boxed and plastic wrapper sealed 45g bar that was split into six blocks. From the picture above you should be able to make out speckled appearance of the bar - it was simply six blocks of white chocolate, interspersed with small fragments of raspberry. In honesty this didnt make for the most impressive or appertising looked far from unappealing but it did very little to excite.

The bar had a slight vanilla essence smell though any hint of raspberry was lacking in the aroma which was again slightly disappointing.

The white chocolate had a very creamy milky flavour with quite a strong vanilla undertone. It made for a pleasent taste and avoided the pitfall that many white chocolate bars fall into and was not overly sweet. The raspberry flavour in the bar is established using freeze dried raspberrys (4%). Tastewise the raspberry wasnt to strong and could have done with being a bit more concentrated - due to the nature of being freeze dried, the texture of the bar wasnt very good....the chocolate when melted was relatively smooth though due to the smallness of the freeze dried raspberrys this smoothness was offset by a grainy texture. I also kept finding small pieces of raspberry in my teeth for a good hour or so after which as you can imagine be rather annoying.

Overall this again is a fair but unspectacular bar from Montezuma's. The white chocolate is a good standard but isnt quite the best I have had (see Thorntons!!) and the raspberry although not at detriment to the bar is rather weak and poor in texture. This is another good attempt at a classic recpie from Montezuma's..its not a bad bar nor is it an overly impressive one - I would expect more though for such a premium price.

7.0 out of 10