May 7th: Reese's Sticks

Kcal 230 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 23.0g

The good people at CandyPirate sent me through another batch of goodies today and there seemed no better place to start than with Reese's direct comparison bar to yesterdays 'Butterfinger Crisp'.

Essentially the product is almost identical in concept - several interspersed layers of peanut butter and wafer coated in milk chocolate. The Reese's 'Stick' weighed in at a slightly less 42g and was no where near the size of the Butterfinger Crisp.

Looking at the back of pack, the ingredients read very similar to yesterdays: sugar, peanuts and vegetable oil comprising the top again this was not another organic natraul experience.

Opening the package the bar did not have a particularly striking aroma which was slightly disappointing due to its relatively high peanut content. The pack was split into two 21g bars which looked almost identical in appearance to the Cadbury Timout bar; despite not having the most unique asthetic look it wasnt that part of the bars appearance I had a problem was more the glistening layer of grease that was lining each bar. This felt horrible when handling the bar and left an unpleasent residue on my fingers.

Despite the wafer layers being in constant contact with the peanut butter, the wafers retained a nice crispy crunchy texture. The chocolate was quite thin in thickness which was slightly disappointing though the peanut butter layers had a nice smooth creme like texture which agaisnt the crispy wafer provided a nice contrast.

Tastewise the bar had mixed fortunes. As you can guess the chocolate was weak in flavour which is a common trend with most Reese's products. Conversely the peanut butter had a strong smooth creamy nutty flavour with a slight saltyness edge. Though the wafer was a little weak in taste it did have a slight maltyness that although could have been a little stronger, was pleasant.

Overall this is not a bad product but its definately not the best in the Reese's range. The peanut butter element as ever in the Reese's products was strong and the wafer certainly had a nice crunch too it making for an intresting texture. Unfortunately the chocolate was yet again a disappointment and this combined with the slightly lazy appearance of the product accounts for its relatively average score. If you have tried the KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter before and enjoyed it, its definately worth you trying this bar.

7.2 out of 10