May 9th: Milky Way (UK)

Kcal 236 Fat 8.8g Carbs 37.4g

Despite the wrapper featuring on my website banner, yesterday I realised I hadnt reviewed this bar - so today I went about putting that right.

In proposition the bar is identical to the '3 Musketeers' bar which currently sits a proud 2nd in the Chocolate Mission ranks: 'a light whipped centre coated in milk chocolate'. The Milky Way is slightly smaller than the '3 Musketeers' and is comprised of two 26g half bars...despite this slightly smaller size it certainly still hit the spot in the hunger fufilment stakes.

Its particulalry hard to describe the smell of the Milky Way as its aroma was so faint - it had a slight cocoa scent but in honesty it was pretty non descript. This may be due to the relatively low amount of cocoa in the bar...the ingredients list told me that the milk chocolate only contained 14% cocoa solids...I know this is a more milk based product but still thats really quite low.

Despite its low cocoa content the chocolate was tasty. It was almost identical to the chocolate found in the Mars bar and had the same smooth creamy characteristics. The 'whipped white centre' was also particulalrly nice tasting - it again had a very milky taste that although was very sweet, avoided being overly so and offensive. The flavour wasnt quite as deep as the '3 Musketeers' and lacked the slightly malty edge of the US bar.

Texturwise the nougat centre was slightly softer and not quite as substantial as the US equivalent - despite this it still provided a firm contrast to the melt in the mouth outside chocolate layer.

Overall this dosent quite hit the heights of its US equivalent though retains a majority of its counterparts qualities. The taste of the whipped centre isnt quite as full on as the '3 Musketeers' but still has a very pleasant creamy flavour that is incredibly moreish. Despite the low cocoa levels the chocolate is of a better than average standard and holds many of the qualities of Mars' Galaxy brand with a creamy smooth taste. Personally I think this bar is missing a special something...another ingredient...and I dont just mean caramel!! Just think of how tasty this bar could be with a layer of coffee/hazelnut/oragne creme or fondant....the opportunities are endless. Despite this its still a tasty bar with a very rich brand heritage - its a bar definately targeted at a younger audience..but in reality this is can be enjoyed by everyone.

8.2 out of 10