June 10th: Maltesers White

Kcal 177 Fat 8.4g Carbs 22.4g

You may recall that last month I reviewed the original Maltesers which scored 7.4... take a look if you havent already. Today I felt a little peckish after lunch so decided to pick up a 35g bag of the white variant.

As you have probably already ascertained the only difference from the original Maltesers and this variant came in the substitution of the milk chocolate for white chocolate...well that and a shocking 2g from the single serving pack :)

On pack they were described as 'white chocolates, with crisp, light honeycombed centres' and came in a nice foil bag. The white Maltesers were almost identical in appearance but had a nice a slightly yellowish cream chocolate colour. When opened the product had a nice smell - very milky and creamy ...alot like vanilla ice cream.

To taste, this variant Maltesers was again very much a mixed bag. The white chocolate element melted at a nice rate in the mouth and provided a smooth coating. In taste the white chocolate was very milky with a slight vanilla note...its flavour was very much like sweet vanilla yogurt - it was an enjoyable taste though lacked the strength of the original milk chocolate. The honeycomb centres were again very tasty; they had a nice strong malty sweet honey flavour which was only spoilt by its complete lack of substantiality...the flavour lasted only seconds before fizzing and melting away on my tongue. I finished this 35g in a matter of a few minutes, and to be honest I was just as hungry as I was before I ate them.

Overall this variant runs into exactly the same problems as the original though to a further extent. These are a nice tasting product...the chocolate has a smooth texture and a nice light creamy taste...the honeycomb is also pleasant in flavour though just lacks any substanance of any degree. I guess these are a product I would recommend if your after a lighter choice of chocolate...though in my opinion if your going to eat chocolate you might as well do it properly and eat and entirely satisfying product...great tasting but just dont suprised when the entirety of the 350g pouch you buy at the cinema quickly becomes 0g!

7.1 out of 10