June 10th: Nestle Peppermint Crisp (SA)

Kcal 235 Fat 11.4g Carbs 30.5g

Today im reviewing yet another imported product courtesy of my friends at Sweetstall. Todays offering came in the form of the South African bar the Nestle Peppermint Crisp. This bar is a combination of 'Peppermint cracknel coated in milk chocolate' and came in a pretty substantial 50g serving - it cured my chocolate pang thats for sure.

As you can see in the picture above this bar offers a pretty unqiue proposition. The mint cracknel is actually formed by very thin straw shaped sugar strand-like pieces. These sugar straws were very prominant in colour and were strikingly green - this combined with the nicely seperated chocolate blocks made for a nice looking and interesting bar. The bar came foiled wrapped which ensured and maintained a nice fresh smell to the bar...it wasnt suprising the smell was very minty and only had a slight cocoa edge.

To be blunt the milk chocolate in this bar was very average. In terms of texture it did a nice job as a coating chocolate, offering a slightly crisp initial bite but one which melted at a nice rate in the mouth to reveal the centre flavour. Its hard to describe its flavour as it was so largely dominated by the peppermint - by and large though it had a sweet milky taste which was neither fantastic or disappointing...just purely average.

The intricate sugar cane based centre made for a very distinctive centre texture. Initially biting through the chocolate the centre had a initial sharpness and crunch to its build. Once slightly crushed and moistened though the centre quickly became quite chewy and was a complete contrast to its initial texture. Its flavour was very strong and heavily rooted in the peppermint oil ingredient...despite its main constituants being sugar its strong mint flavour avoided it being sickly...this bar was incredibly moreish and had a nice fresh minty taste.

Overall this is a high quality tasting mint chocolate bar that certainly offers someting different with its unique centre texture. The fresh peppermint flavour was hugely dominant and heavily overshadowed the taste of the chocolate...a little too much if we are getting picky! I would definately recommend this bar if your a fan of mint chocolate - this could be heaven in chocolate bar form if thar is your get up. A nice bar that deserves a try if you like the sound of it...just watch your mouth on the initial sharpness of the centre...we wouldnt want a chocolate related injury now would we ;)

8.3 out of 10

Want to try the Peppermint Crisp for yourself? Head over to www.Sweetstall.com