June 11th: Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough (Aus)

Kcal 345 Fat 18.3g Fat(sats) 11.3g Carbs 39.5g

Now im not going to beat around the bush...how good does this bar sound!? Kit Kat Chunky....awesome....Cookie Dough....oh yes.....combined....Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough *drools* .... surely a match made in heaven....surely!???

This was a mammoth of a bar and weighed in at a huge 65g!! Take a look at the nutritional stuff above...you do not want to be eating this bar on a diet thats for sure. You can see above the bar came in a nice looking blue foil wrapper...on pack this bar was described as a 'Cookie dough & caramel layer over a crunchy wafer finger covered in milk chocolate'. The cross section picture above shows you that in appearance this bar was no different to the standard Kit Kat Chunky though you will be able to see the additional cookie dough layer siting between the wafer and thin caramel layer. Despite the foil wrapping the bar lacked any sort of real aroma - it offered a vague sweet smell though this was hard to detect - terribly uninspiring in truth.

My first bite into the bar revealed a very thick milk chocolate layer....like with the original KK chunky it was thicker at the base. The milk chocolate was your standard Neslte milk chocolate...very sweet with a creamy milky flavour..its pretty good for a mass confection bar. The wafer element was also its usual high standard...the two crispy layers that cover the thin chocolate creme middle layer had a nice malty taste and still maintained a nice crispy texture.

Unfortunately this is where things turn a bit sour....

The Cookie Dough layer is going down as the biggest let down in Chocolate Mission history...why you ask!?...because it was completely lacking and devoid of any flavour. I tried eating the layer in isolation to the rest of the bar nibbling all other elements away..but still no forthcoming flavour of any note. It had a paste like texture that did not even have a grainy feel that you expect of cookie dough. At a massive push I would say I could detect a slight sweetness to the layer but believe me when I say it was on the whole flavourless. I guess the bar was in part saved by a rather nice tasting thin caramel layer...it had a nice light burnt sweet taste but it was lacking in proportioning and was quickly diluted by the paste like cookie dough.....*sigh* :(

Overall I really cant stress my disappointment enough....this bar promises so much...yet delivers so little. If I wanted a bar like the one I just consumed I would of had a plain Kit Kat Chunky.... at a pinch of the price...a pinch of the calories....more of the milk chocolate... and with alot less disappointment. Such a shame...a terrific idea just executed so poorly - its by far not the worst bar I have ever had...but maybe the most disappointing. Im not going to recommend this to anyone - I wouldnt want you feeling as dicontent as Im feeling right now.

6.8 out of 10

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