June 13th: Milka Alpine Milk

Kcal 530 Fat 29.5g Carbs 58.5g

It seems like im a bit slow getting off the mark with Milka. Just in the last few weeks Ive seen reviews on Choklit, Chocolate Review and German Candy World all recommending different parts of the range....so today where better to start than with the Milka 'Alpine Milk'.

The 'Alpine Milk' is Milka's standard milk chocolate bar. On pack its described itself as simply 'Milk chocolate with Alpine milk'...the ingredients list read pretty cleanly and the bar had a relatively high 30% cocoa solids (thats pretty high for mass confection milk chocolate anyway!).

I bought this in a 100g bar and had no problems of finishing it within a day - I wouldnt say it was the most hunger fufiling bar ever but it was certainly moreish and easy to consume in high quantities....two sittings of 50g a time did for me.

The packaging was quite simplistic but nice on the eye, the bar came foil wrapped which made for a fresh looking and smelling bar. The bar had a sweet dairy aroma with a hint of cocoa....it was an overly nice smell. The picture above shows you the bar was split into several small blocks each with the Milka logo neatly enscribed onto the service...the surface of the bar was nicely maintained and smooth - it looked appertising.

Letting the first block melt on my tongue it was quickly apparent that the texture was extremely smooth; it melted at a nice rate and had a luxuriously silky feel. As the name suggests the flavour is very dairy based; the milk taste is very apparent though this is not at detriment to the cocoa and it is not overly dominated. On my taste notes I did write down 'hint of nut' which brought a smile to my face when I later looked at the ingredients and saw hazelnut listed...my pallet is obviously coming on. In all the flavour of the bar wasnt the strongest but had a nice creamy taste, I would say its comparable to a slightly less creamy version of galaxy but with a slight nutty edge.

Overall this is a real great tasting chocolate bar that has got me excited about what the rest of the range can offer. Though the flavour isnt quite as distinctive as say Dairy Milk, it still tastes great and is an incredibly moreish proposition. This bar looks great, has a pretty clean ingredients list and has a creamy moreish taste - it sure gets the Chocolate Mission seal of approval. I would recommend this bar to any milk chocolate fans...it maybe to creamy and sweet for people that prefer dark chocolate but for anyone else you can go little wrong here - a nice tasting bar.

8.1 out of 10