June 14th: Mars Caramel (Can)

Kcal 210 Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 31.0g

This bar came all the way from Canada and was released Febraury this year. The bar is a direct spin off from the original Mars bar we have here in the UK and is simply just the original milk chocolate coated bar with the nougat removed and it replaced with a more plentiful helping of caramel.

The bar came in a 45g serving which is certainly alot smaller than the 62.5g original version we get here in the UK....because of light nature of the ingredients it didnt make for the most substantial of bars. In appearance it looked the same as any other Mars bar...just a whole lot smaller and more feeble :( I was left rather puzzled by the packaging which had a 'nut free zone' sign on it...err since when has a Mars bar had nuts anyway!??...isnt that called a Snickers :) lol. The bar had a pleasant yet un-remarkable smell...its aroma was sweet and chocolaty but was no more appertising than any other average bar on the market.

Most other chocolate caramel combo bars generally come in a block design (see no further than current Chocolate Mission leaders Cadbury / Galaxy Caramel bars!) ....however this stayed in its original Mars design...this made for a very messy bar...after each bite the caramel oozed out as it clung to my teeth...messy messy messy!!

If im being truthful the bar wasnt the best of experiences flavourwise. The reason I think the original Mars bar works so well is due to the way each of the chocolate, caramel and nougat elements contrast and vary in both taste and texture. The caramel in this Mars Caramel isnt the most flavoursome and lacks the depth of taste that the better caramel bars have...it has a sweet syrupy taste but beyond that its really quite bland and overly sugar based. The chocolate element is fair but as you may gather with most the mass confection bars the chocolate is often little more than average tasting and this is the case here...its flavour has a nice milky smooth taste but its slightly lacking in cocoa strength.

Overall this really isnt the best variation your going to see on what is truly a great original offering. Taking away the nougat seems to strip the bar of both flavour and texture variations and rather exposes the weakneses of the chocolate and caramel ingredients. If you want my advice I would say stick to an original Mars...I guess if you can get hold of this bar cheapely you might be interested in trying it but to be honest the original is far far superior.

6.9 out of 10