June 15th: Milka 'Choco Swing' Biscuit

Kcal 555 Fat 34.5g Carbs 54.0g

After the success I had with the Milka 'Alpine Milk' the other day I just couldnt waite to try another variant in the Milka range....so I didnt :) Today I sampled the creatively named 'Choco Swing' bar...can anyone fill me in as to why its called 'Choco Swing'?? All a bit random if you ask me! The 'Choco Swing' is formed of 'Alpine Milk chocolate with chocolate flavour filling, cream filling and a layer of biscuit'...sounds yummy.

Due to the amount of layers, the bar came in a thicker pack to that of your normal 100g bar. It was nicely packaged in both a light cardboard sleeve and foil wrapping and had a nice creamy milk aroma - much like the original 'Alpine Milk'. As you can see above breaking the bar up was a bit random...the chunks broke off in all sort of shapes and sizes which was a tad annoying. Putting that small gripe to aside though I must admit the bar looked awesome and the different layers made for a very interesting asthetic look.

The number of varying textures and flavours this bar has was quite remarkable....that being said some were executed better than others.

Coating the bar was the 'Alpine Milk' chocolate layer. Though quite thinly portioned on the top, the base of the bar was thick and provided a nice flavour foundation. As I found with the 'Alpine Milk' I tried the other day its flavour was creamy and its texture smooth...very good milk chocolate.

Placed amid the upper Milk chocolate coating layer and middle biscuit layer was a very thin 'cream filling' layer. It didnt have the strongest flavour though when tasted in isolation it had a slightly sour (in a good way!) yoghurt flavour. It was a fair addition but needed to implemented in a great portion so its flavour was more forthcoming.

Between the base coating and middle layer was a layer of 'chocolate cream'...this comoponent was truffle like in the texture though very similar in taste to the milk chocolate coating. Its softer texture was nice in isolation but unfortunately came at detriment to the biscuit layer.

The biscuit layer was at the centre of the bar and im sorry to say it was a bit of a let down. Its flavour was ok...shortbread like with a slightly sugary wheaty taste - it was nice but could have been stronger. The texture of the biscuit was slightly disappointing - its contact with the 'chocolate cream' below meant that half of it had become slightly soft and didnt have the full crunchy texture you would expect from a biscuit...this is probably also the reason why it broke up into random sized pieces.

Overall this is a great bar and I did very much enjoy it. Its packed full of different ingredients and definately makes for a very tasty hunger killing option. It looks great and is presented both in pack and out of pack very well. The different number of layers and ingredients makes for an interesting proposition but dosent quite pull off an optimum mix. Individually each layer is brilliant, though when mixed in the one bar they dont quite compliment each other perfectly....no better example is the way the yummy truffle like chocolate cream layer makes the biscuit slightly moist and lacking a bit of crunch. Despite these small reservations this bar is still a great choice in the range...a very commendable score and I would definately recommend you try this if your a fan of Milka.

7.9 out of 10