June 16th: Lindt Lindor Hazelnut Truffles

Kcal 79 Fat 6.1g Fat(sats) 4.1 Carbs 5.1g (per truffle!)

Today saw me take yet another dip into the Lindt Lindor truffle world. Having sampled and reviewed the milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter and coffee flavoured variants all to relative success I had pretty high hopes for these.

I guess when you think hazelnut truffles you straight away think Ferrero Rocher...well Lindt have tried playing Ferrero at their own game here and have used elements of the Rocher and combined them with their standard Lindor constituants. These Lindor Hazelnuts truffles combine a milk chocolate outer shell, a smooth milk chocolate truffle centre with very fine chopped hazelnuts disperesed thoughout.

As with the rest of the Lindor range there was no effort saved on presentation - they came in smart wrappers that were a slightly darker shade of brown than the peanut butter variant. On the outside they looked no different to the standard milk chocolate variant but once bitten into the small chopped nuts were glaringly evident. These hazelnut truffles had a rather suprising slightly fruity sweet smell...as far as im aware they didnt have any fruit in them but it was interesting aroma nonetheless.

The outer milk chocolate shells had a nice fresh crispness to them - with Lindor truffles I like nibbling away on the outside before indulging on the smooth inside. The outer milk chocolate was as ever creamy and smooth to taste - I know most people immediately think of dark chocolate when they think Lindt but they have to make some of the best milk chocolate aswell (watch this space for a review soon!).

The inside truffle didnt have quite the 'Kinder Bueno' hazelnut filling I was expecting....infact it was actually the same as the milk chocolate variant filling but with the added inclusion of chopped nuts. Of course it was still delicious...a creamy chocolaty buttery taste - absolutely glorious. Unfortunately the chopped hazelnuts didnt quite work out as I would have hoped; they added a nice fresh nutty edge but unfortunately were chopped so finely that they lacked crunch and rather just disrupted the smoothness of the truffle and made it slightly grainy. The fineness of the nuts deprived them from being luxuriously silky as is the norm with Lindor truffles.

Overall these are another great addition to the range and one that are well worth trying if you get the chance. The hazelnut flavour is pretty strong despite the majority of the truffles being comprised of milk chocolate. To be honest I think Lindt have a trick to learn off the Rocher here and that is to use a whole hazelnut at the centre of their truffle and just rid of the chopped hazelnuts...this way the hazelnut element wouldnt detriment the overall smoothness of the truffle yet its flavour would be just as strong. These are still another great Lindt product...not the best in the Lindor range but definately worth trying.

8.0 out of 10