June 19th: M&Ms Mint Crisp

Kcal 380 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 10.0g Carbs 52.0g

Dedicated reader Justin was kind enough to include a pack of these limted edition M&Ms in his package to me last month and after a few days of nibbling away at them i feel in a position to write a review. You may recall that I reviewed the Snickers Adventure bar last month...well these 'Mint Crisp' M&Ms were also part of the recent Indiana Jones movie tie in.

These limited edition M&Ms incorporated the same premise as the 'M&Ms Crispy' with a few minor differences...these retained the crispy puffed rice centres but were covered with a layer of semisweet chocolate with a mint flavour.

These came in a 76.5g bag which I ate over two periods as a snack...they did a good job in that respect. The packaging was similar in format to the standard M&M flavours...an unsuprising predominantly green coloured plastic wrapper...it looked nice but as ever with the cheap quality plastic wrapper they failed to capture anything in the way of an overly appertising aroma- a slight hint of mint but as ever with M&Ms nothing to convincing or appealing. The M&Ms themselves took a different guise to the original variants and as you can see above were presented in three chalky green colours - personally this didnt fuss me to much but I do prefer the variety of different colours with the standard varities.

I ate these two or three at a time sometimes letting them slowly melt on my tongue though other times crunching them straight away - I found both methods equally as pleasurable. Letting them slowly melt accentuated the smooth texture of the outside shells and chocolate elements whilst biting into them directly obviously gave a nice crunchy feeling of the crisp rice. The contrasting methods of eating allowed for an interesting and diverse array of textures which I definately enjoyed.

As with all M&Ms the outer candy shells provided a sweet sugary initial taste. The ever so slightly more rich deeper cocoa flavour of the semi sweet chocolate worked favourably agaisnt quite a strong peppermint taste...I think the original milk chocolate implemented in most M&Ms would not have gone down as well here, the slightly more concentrated cocoa of the semisweet chocolate paid dividends. The combination of the chocolate and mint was balanced nicely and gave a creamy yet refreshing minty taste. The crispy rice added a minor malty flavour though it was obvious that its inclusion was purely to give the product a superior texture.

Overall I enjoyed these M&Ms and would definately recommend these to any mint chocolate fans. The flavours of the mint and chocolate are balanced nicely with neither being too strong or weak compared to the other...its just about right. The puffed rice and smooth chocolate layers make for a nice blend of different textures and make for an incredibly moreish perfect snacking option. Unfortunately as with all the M&Ms scores this products Chocolate Mission rating is slightly hindered due to the poorness of the aroma...a shame really but its something Mars need to adress with their packaging. Sometimes limited edition flavours can seem to be a little random and lacking thought but these Mint Crisp M&Ms are definately worth a try if you like the sound of them...the Indiana Jones wave has been and gone so grab a bag of these while you still can.

7.8 out 10