June 1st: Jameson's Ruffle Raspberry

Kcal 125 Fat 5.3g Carbs 18.5g

To be honest I had never heard of this bar until I literally recieved half a dozen requests asking for it to be reviewed. I was told this is bar used to be very readily avalible...yet now seems to be getting less distribution on the confectionary market. Yet again it was Woolworths to the rescue and I found this mini bar hanging around the lower end of their extensive confectionary shelf.

So what the devil is a Ruffle Raspberry...I will leave it to the packet to explain...its a rather small 28g bar that has 'chocolate covered coconut and raspberry flavour fondant cream centre'...okay sounds interesting.

The wrapper also reveals that this little number is also a product of none other than Cadbury themselves...now theres a turn up for the books. The wrapper also told me that the chocolate is comprised of a min of 40% cocoa solids and that a good portion of it is made from cocoa butter..always nice to know.

As you can see in the picture above the appearance of the bar is striking. The chocolate was unfortunately a bit scuffed and rough looking but this was more than made up for by the beautifully flourescent pink coloured centre. To be honest I have never seen anything like it before - its truly unique looking. The bar had a reasonable aroma - it had a slight coconut smell with a hint of cocoa..nothing too amazing but ok none the less.

The bar texture was a bit of a mixed bag. The fondant centre was slightly crunchy with the coconut though also had a smooth creme feel to it. Unfortuntely the texture of the chocolate was slightly grainy and thin in thickness...thus not providing the nicest of coatings.

The taste of the chocolate was also disappointing - despite the claim of having a reasonable amount of cocoa it was largely flavourless and its taste was all but lost agaisnt the strong flavoured centre. The centre fondant was as you can probably guess very sweet in appearance. The coconut element was for me slighlty dull and on its own I could see this being a very indifferent proposition. Luckily for the bar its saved by a nice fresh tasting raspberry flavour which although achieved through flavourings added a nice berry twist.

Overall this obviously isnt the best bar I have eaten on Chocolate Mission but its far from the worst. The chocolate is very disappointing and adds very little to the bar in taste or texture. The centre fondant is a bit of a mixed bag the coconut adds a nice aroma and texture but little in taste...the raspberry twist is a nice added element to this centre though and it makes for a more interesting flavour. It seems this bar has a bit of following though I think this must be due to its nostalgic appeal rather than genuine love for the taste....if your a fan of Fry's bars this is probably worth you having a look.

6.8 out of 10