June 20th: Cadbury Tempo (SA)

Kcal 276 Fat 16.3g Fat(sats) 13.3g Carbs 32.2g

The guys (& girls) at Sweetstall yet again came up trumps for me and provided me with a sample of the South African Cadbury 'Tempo' bar.

The bar came in a very substantial and large 53g serving and the on pack information told me it inhibited 'a double chocolate hit with biscuit and caramel'. It came in a very nice foil package which not only looked impressive but ensured for a fresh looking and smelling bar. As you can see in the cross section above it came in a whole bar form with no sectioning or easily seperable blocks...this was its only real design flaw.

The bar was constituated by a large array of different layers. Surrounding the bar was a thick layer of milk chocolate...it wasnt quite Dairy Milk and was more cocoa based than the milkyness of Dairy Milk....personally as a slight tweak I would have preferred the use of Dairy Milk, but this was still good and had a nice smooth texture.

At the centre of the bar was another layer of chocolate which though wasnt quite light enough to be described as a 'truffle centre' was slightly more moist in texture than solid milk chocolate...it also had the added element of the shortcake pieces. The chocolate flavour was again slightly more concentrated in cocoa than normal Dairy Milk though the sugary sweetness of the shortcake pieces meant its flavour was just as sweet. The combination of the smoothness of the chocolate and crunchy biscuit made for a nice mixture of textures. The biscuit pieces avoided being a bland soggy ingredient as seen with other biscuit including bars (ahem Terrys 3D!) and had a nice crispy malty taste.

Ontop of this lay a thick layer of caramel. It wasnt like most caramel layers though and had a solid texture...much like the caramel surrounding Cadbury Eclairs!! This meant for a distinctly chewy yet enjoyable taste and made a nice difference from the usual soft liquid caramel. Its flavour was just as good as the standard Cadbury Caramel and was sweet, rich and just ever so tasty. Its solid texture meant that it was fun nibbling around it and then slowly sucking on it savouring the flavour.

Overall this is by far and away the best bar I have had from South Africa. Every element adds something to the overall texture and flavour and each plays a vital role at the heart of what is a great bar. The chocolate coating and inner layer both vary in texture and though debatable whether they would benefit from being Cadbury Dairy Milk they are both still great tasting. The biscuit element is also nicely done, crunchy and and full of flavour...yum. The real winner of this bar has to be the caramel layer...not only is it divine in taste but its more solid than usual viscosity made it the real stand out aspect of this bar. Unfortunately us Brits have recently had the Cadbury Dairy Milk with Biscuit brought out of dstribution...if you were a fan of that and missing it your simply going to love this bar....this product comes with a whole hearted Chocolate Mission seal of approval..outstanding and worthy of its high Chocolate Mission rating.

8.7 out of 10

Fancy trying the Cadbury Tempo or other South African bars? Head over to Sweetstall.com