June 21st: Hannah's Jazzles White

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I must have of the grandest and expensive collection of chocolate bars at the momment...all sitting in a delightful box all waiting their turn to be reviewed...so why on earth did I pick up a packet of these today you ask....one word - nostalgia!! These were my second to none favourite pick-a-mix item when I was young - I used to eat them by the truck load but before tonight I hadn't had them for years..how did they stand against the ultimate test of time??...read on and found out.

These 'Jazzles' (they are 'Jazzies' to me dammit!!) came in a brightly coloured 45g serving - there no was on pack nutritional information though which was slightly annoying - the packaging was however kind enough to list the ingredients. Upon closer inspection these of course turned out not to be chocolate at all but infact 'white chocolate flavour candy with non pareil topping' .... right whatever that means. Closer inspection of the ingredients list confirmed that this product neither contained cocoa or milk solids...so what did it include!? well it had sugar (of course), vegetable fat and a list of E-numbers as long as your arm...not a pretty state of affairs.

Out of pack these looked slightly duller in appearance as I remembered them though they still looked interesting and colourful. Opening the packet a nice aroma eminated...a very vanilla rooted smell quickly filled the air and was actually quite appertising.

The added inclusion of the topping on the 'Jazzles' made for a nice crunchy texture when bitten into. The topping was very sweet in flavour as you can imagine with it being 99% sugar.

The texture of the 'white chocolate flavour candy' was pretty grainy and once melted in the mouth held together in a lumpy clump. - not nice at all. Its flavour was milky with a slight vanilla note but it was devilishly sweet...it was just too much for me...after a few mouthfuls I could only describe the flavour as sugary...I didnt finish the pack :(

Overall it was a pretty desperate far fetched hope that these would be a good as I remembered - in truth they were pretty horrible. Sure the appearance and presentation of these could be worse but the taste was purely sugar based and monotomous - just overly sweet for even my immature taste buds. Sure the 'Jazzles' have that magic nostalgia factor but somethings are best kept in the past; if you fancy a trip down memory lane then please by all means go ahead....just dont be suprised if you turn back halway down that lane though.

5.7 out of 10