June 22nd: Hotel Chocolat 85% Dark Chocolate

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Until now Hotel Chocolat had been one of those specialist brands I had simply never tried. Recommended by all…but simply a brand I had never gone out my way to purchase...all I can say now is thank god to Chocolate Mission reader Maxine who most recently went to the trouble of ordering me some herself...this wasn’t just good...this was damn good!!

Today I ventured into my first taste of the Hotel Chocolat world sampling their 85% Dark chocolate which came in the form of two 62.5g slabs. Despite only intending to eat one today (which is plenty!!) as you may later come to understand it was no surprise that by time of writing both are now gone.

Hotel Chocolat seem to be a company that pride themselves on presentation this was ever so evident with the sheer stylishness of both wrapping and bar. Both slabs were not only contained in an elegant looking cardboard covering but also sealed in another softer packaging...im not quite sure what this packaging material was but once opened an absolutely gorgeous cocoa smell was released...you could literally taste the richness of the bar before even placing it in the mouth...it smelt amazing. The bars themselves also had a certain chic-ness...bold in stature in that they were thick slabs but also sleek in presentation with a nice looking Hotel Chocolat logo inscribed. My only slight gripe was that this slab style made it nigh on impossible to split into even chunks...admittedly this wasn't the biggest of deals and its presentation overall was very good.

The pack described the bar as 'healthy cocoa solids with the tiniest amount of sugar whilst retaining a surprising mellowness and superb mouth melt'. Im not going to disagree with that!!…the texture was super smooth...I mean Lindt Lindor truffle centre smooth...YES THAT SMOOTH!! As with every chocolate I taste I let each piece melt slowly on my tongue allowing the flavour to develop. The bar had an initial dark cocoa flavour which as it melted developed to having a slight vanilla note...it had a long sweet aftertaste which was surprising due to its high solids content. I would say its flavour was smoother than the Lindt 70% I tried a few weeks back...and despite its higher cocoa content it actually tasted a tad sweeter. There are no other words to describe it other than smooth, rich, luxurious and just delicious.

Overall this is bar is just simply oozing quality in every which way. It’s presented amazingly, smells massively enticing and tastes just simply gorgeous. I simply couldn’t get enough of the super smooth texture and sensual taste...I just cant recommend this enough. Ladies and gentlemen it looks like we have a new leader of Chocolate Mission.

9.5 out of 10