June 24th: Cadbury Freddo / Freddo Caramel

Kcal 105 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 3.7g Carbs 11.4g (Freddo Dairy Milk)
Kcal 100 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 12.1g (Freddo Dairy Milk Caramel)

Im quite puzzled as to why this has been one of the most frequent requests to be reviewed but the Cadbury Freddo seems to strike quite a chord with a number of Chocolate Mission readers - so heres my review on the original Freddo Dairy Milk and his froggy friend the Freddo Dairy Milk Caramel.Just for a little background geek knowledge the 'Freddo' was first manafactured in the 1930s by MacRobertson's Chocolates (who were later sold to Cadbury in 1967) in Australia and was at first designed into the mould of a mouse. MacRobertson's feared that this wouldnt sell as they believed woman/children were afraid of mice so they quickly changed the shape to a frog....hence the 'Freddo' was born....Wonderful thing Wiki ;) Currently in the UK the Freddo is only readily distributed in the original and caramel varities im reviewing here - though in Australia it is avalible in many more guises including white chocolate , rice crisp, strawberry , peppermint , "Rainbow Crunch" and "Milky Top" (aka. Top Deck ).

The Freddo's both came in 20g serving which is far less than your standard Dairy Milk bar - both came in colourful plastic packets which did appear to be a tad thinner and less protective than the standard Cadbury foil wrapping. The Freddo's had a nice Milky smell though it was no where near as fragrant as the Cadbury bars that come in the foil packages. The scent was slightly musty and I think they wernt the freshest of chocolates. The pattern work on the Freddos themselves I guess was quite swish and detailed for the size of the product...'Freddo' was etched nicely and cleanly onto a smooth surface...the damn frog was pulling a rather stupid face though...which made biting his head off all the more enjoyable haha :)

Lets not beat around the bush - both these products tasted awesome...why wouldnt they!?...they are Dairy Milk and Cadbury caramel. Ive described the taste of the Cadbury Dairy Milk too many times on Chocolate Mission already but heck why not one more time...a luxuriously smooth cocoa flavour with a deliciously creamy taste..just delicious in every which way. The caramel element was also implemented nicely in the Freddo 'Caramel' adding a slightly more intresting chewy texture and devilishly sweet aftertaste - gorgeous.

Unfortunately Ive got a few gripes with our friend Freddo - for one his size isnt substantial enough to cure even the smallest stomach rumble...I wasnt satisfied after eating both of these at the same time...I guess some of this goes down to how good they both tasted but the majority was that I was hungry and these just didnt do a job in this respect. Another slight problem was with the texture of the 'Freddo'...the chocolate was thinner in places than others which made for a bit of an inconsistant bite and texture - if it retained the same thickness throughout the product this wouldnt be a problem.

Overall the Freddo's a nice premise...its a child targeted product, its got a fun look and theres no doubt they both taste great. The Chocolate and caramel both being Dairy Milk standard are obviously great tasting so 'Freddo' cannot be faltered in this respect. Unfortunately due to the margin constraints placed on the bar the packagaing dosent allow for the freshest products and its size is just pittiful... it simply dosent even qualify as worthy of a 'snack' in my eyes...any which way your still gonna hungry. It was a hard product to rate though I think that on the scale of things the scores of 6.7 and 6.9 are justified on the grounds stated...I would recommend these to any Dairy Milk fans...though bear in mind this recommendation also comes with the advice to buy a few...which begs the question why not just buy a standard bar of Dairy Milk / Dairy Milk with Caramel ....shhhh! A product for when you want the lightest of snacks!

6.7 out of 10
6.9 out of 10