June 24th: Cadbury Snack Shortcake

Kcal 40 Fat 1.9g Carbs 4.5 (Per biscuit - 6 in pack)

Before today I had no clue about even the actual existance of this product..I had never seen it before but came across it passing through Gatwick Airport this morning in a Cadburys branded vending machine...anyway I decided to throw caution to the wind give it a try.

The Cadbrys snack is a 43g bar that comprises of six mini Dairy Milk coated shortcake biscuits. As you can see above they are square in shape and have a slight rippled effect across their surface. In truth I thought they looked particularly boring and I was suprised and their lack of branding.

Opening the pack I could detect the magical Dairy Milk aroma - it wasnt quite as strong as with most Cadburys standard chocolate bars but that was due to the lacking of chocolate quantity which I will go into now.

The picture above shows how thin the chocolate layer is. The chocolate retains its great quality creamy Dairy Milk flavour but unfortunately the proportioning per biscuit is so poor the taste does not last long enough at all and is quickly domintaed by the bicuit.

The biscuit element was fair - it had that mixture of sweet biscuity flavour with the slightest hint of salt that most good shortbread have. Unfortunately the biscuit didn't have quite the crunchyness I was expecting though overall it still provided a satisfying taste.

Overall after tasting these im not particularly suprised that these dont get much media exposure from Cadburys. For my liking the chocolate is way too thin and thats disappointing given the fact that I think this would really benefit from having quite a thick layer of Dairy Milk coating it. The biscuit element being the main focus of the bar was also slightly disappointing - the taste was avergae at best but it suffered mostly from not having the expected crunch in texture. If your a fan of shortcake and Cadburys chocolate I would say give these a go but in honesty these really arent anything special.

6.3 out of 10