June 26th: M&Ms Wildly Cherry

Kcal 210 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 29.0g

It simply wouldnt be a complete Chocolate Mission week without a Limited Edition popping up somewhere...and this weeks comes courtesy of regular Chocolate Mission contributor Justin who sent me a pack of these 'Wildly Cherry' M&Ms to review.

These came in a 42.5g pack which I ate over the course of a few days (more on why later). Aside from the' Limited Edition' tag, on the front of the pack were the words 'Wildly Cherry' with the words 'artifical flavour' closely following...not really what you want to read in all honesty. The pack itself was pretty nice looking though the M&Ms themselves came in some pretty uninspiring red and brown colours...of course I get the link with them being the colours of cherrys but they just looked dull and lifeless compared to other M&M variants. Unlike other M&M variants I have reviewed recently these actually had a pretty strong aroma...unfortunately it just wasnt a very nice one...just very very sweet and artifically fruity....by no means horrible but just not particularly appertising.

The outside candy coating was by far the thickest of any M&M variant I had tried before. These made for a nice initial texture but of course made for an extremely sweet taste. The centre of the M&Ms were much the same as with original M&Ms...the chocolate was soft and smooth in texture and had a milky but very sweet taste. The cherry flavour was contained in the chocolate and became increasinly evident and forthcoming as the chocolate melted in the mouth; it had an initial pleasant fruity flavour but the artifical nature of the ingredient soon shined through as the concentration of the flavour soon became over-bearing making for an overly sweet taste. The flavour itself was hardly repulsive but it was just way way to strong to handle in any heavy dosage and hence why I could only seem to eat 4-5 of these at a time.

Overall these have to be considered as some of the poorest M&Ms I have tried. I think if these were encorporated in say a mixed bag of different flavours this would be a great flavour to have..unfortunately though when eaten solus the artifical concentration was just too much and I found them overly sweet. I could recommend these on the grounds that if you like things like cherry coke or cherry flavoured gum you could potentially really enjoy this variant...unfortunately I just found these overly sweet and i would generally only eat them in very small portions....not the greatest in the M&Ms line.

6.7 out of 10

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