June 28th: Lindt Lindor Orange Truffles

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Strike another off the long list of Lindor flavours - the Orange variant is the focus of todays review.

As with the rest of the Lindor range these came individually foil wrapped...that were get this....orange coloured!!! Big suprise there eh! I was lucky enough today to sample four of these...all of which I ate in one sitting....they didnt seem as substantial as some of the other flavours from the range but four was still a nice amount. Removing the truffles from their wrappers they had a very pungent orange smell...not artifical smelling at all - just very fruity and fresh.

Im not going to claim to be able to tell the difference between 60% or 70% dark chocolate but at a guess i would say the 60% was used for the coating in these truffles. The chocolate had a nice texture and melted smoothly in the mouth with a slight sweet aftertaste, unfortunately though I must say it lacked the real flavour depth and richness that I experienced with the Lindt 70% dark chocolate.

The orange element was implemented in the soft centre of the truffles through the use of orange essence oils. This made for a very strong orange flavour that dominated the flavour of the chocolate...though I enjoyed the taste I must admit the sweetness of the flavour by the fourth truffle was quite overbearing and I would have struggled to eat another. The Lindor centre lived up to its credentials and was just as buttery, smooth and luxurious as normal...for texture there really are no better truffles than the Lindor range...not that I have reviewed yet anyway!

Overall these are a nice alternative in the range and definately boast the strongest flavour of the line I have tasted to date yet. The orange flavour is delievered with a fresh sweet fruity taste though I must say some may find the concentration of it slightly on the strong side...admittedly it does dilute the flavour of the dark chocolate a little. If your a fan of chocolate orange theres probably very little better on the market...maybe not the flavour I would buy in huge quantities but one or two at a time are very pleasant.

8.1 out of 10