June 28th: McVities Jaffa Cakes

Kcal 46 Fat 1.0g Fat(sats) 0.5g Carbs 8.6g (per Cake)

I know...I know....this isnt a chocolate bar...but Jaffa Cakes have been one of the most requested product review requests since starting Chocolate Mission...they do fall roughly into the same category as the Kinder Slice and Oreo Cakesters and it would have been rude to turn all the requests down...besides im rather partial to a Jaffa or two :)

For those who are not in the know (im guessing those outside the UK!!) a Jaffa cake consists of a sponge base with a layer of orange jam...the top of these cakes are then covered in plain chocolate..which account for 20% of the total ingredients. I sampled these in a pack of three - I am a bit of a greedy bear but three simply wasnt enough for me...be warned these are incredibly moreish!!

Everyone has their own way of eating Jaffa cakes but my own favourite method was to eat the three different layers in isolation.

Firstly I ate the sponge layer...it had a nice texture that was neither too light or too dense. It had a nice sweet taste with just a slight vanilla note. Left with the jelly like jam covered in chocolate I then went about nibbling away at the chocolate. In truth its flavour was suprisingly good...slightly more cocoa based than expected and despite the thiness of the proportioning actually quite strong in favour. The orange jam was jelly like in texture and had a sweet fruity taste. I wasnt too suprised looking at the ingredients to find that the flavour is actually achieved through the use of orange juice (12%!) it had a nice fresh taste. I guess eating Jaffa cakes is a little like eating Cadbury Creme Eggs...its really a question about how do you eat yours!??? Please Do tell!!!

Overall theres no doubting that Jaffa Cakes really are a great choice if in need of a snack. They combine three great elements that are not only great fun to eat but are also actually quite high quality. Even the plain chocolate used in these although slightly lacking in quantity, is of a fair standard...its taste is really quite rich and distinct. Personally I think there is slight room for improvement with this product...how about fully chocolate coated Jaffa Cakes!? or Jaffa Cakes with far thicker chocolate!? The opportunities are endless. In truth these arent the most filling of snacks you can have and they are quite dangerous in that if bought in a large pack one sneaky Jaffa Cake can quickly turn into ten lol!! Despite this though they taste pretty damn good...as far as im concerned they come with a Chocolate Mission endorsement!

7.3 out of 10