June 2nd: Lindt Lindor Coffee Truffles

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Coffee...yum....Lindor truffles...yum....I had high hopes for these.

Good luck finding these in a packaged Lindor box selection as I dont think one actually exists...I found these as part of a pick-a-mix selection in my local Whittards shop. I bought four of these which more than made for a substantial portion.

Each truffle came in an individual wrapper that didnt look too dissimillar to the 70% cocoa dark truffles - a dark wrapper with white writing. The truffles were comprised of a thick outer dark chocolate shell with a smooth coffee flavoured truffle centre - they looked nice in appearance though were a bit lacking in anything more than a subtle cocoa smell.

Each truffle had a nice thick outer coating of dark chocolate. As I let the truffles chill slightly in the fridge before eating them the coatings provided a nice firm crack when i bit into them...this firmness provided a great combination of textures with the soft buttery melt in the mouth truffle fillings and was one that I found particularly sumptuous.

The dark chocolate outer shell had a rich cocoa flavour that I can only presume was the 70% Lindt dark brand. Despite its strong flavour it avoided being bitter and once melted had a particularly luxurious smooth taste. The inner truffle was equally as good and despite its light nature provided a great tasting fresh coffee flavour that really delivered in quality. I would genuinely say the quality of coffee flavour was among the best I have tasted on ChocolateMission including my all time favourite Trader Joe's coated coffee beans.

Overall these are some of the best truffles I have genuinely ever tasted - they score on a par with the original Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles and justifiably so. These truffles expertly marry the dark chocolate and coffee elements superbly whilst the mixture of firm and light textures provides a luxurious tasting experience thats just so incredibly moreish. I would whole heartidly recommend these to anyone...especially fans of dark chocolate, coffee or truffles.

8.6 out of 10