June 30th: Hotel Chocolat 40% Milk Chocolate

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Again this weeks Hotel Chocolat review comes courtesy of dedicated reader Maxine who included this 40% milk chocolate slab in the box of goodies she so kindly donated to the Chocolate Mission cause.

After last weeks absolute triumph - the 85% dark chocolate bar, to say I was expecting 'good things' from this bar would have been an understatement...it didnt let me down either!

This milk chocolate offering came in much the same form as last weeks dark chocolate variant. The two 60g slabs came beautifully presented in a stylish looking box and inside wrapping...right from the off the beautiful presentation and clean cut shimmering slabs just gave the product the classy look that it deserves - a real cut above the rest in this sense. The on box description described the chocolate as 'made with less sugar and more cocoa for a deep chocolaty taste' - the ingredients list told me the bar contained 40% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids ... though hardly particularly high in either this is higher than you will find in most mass producded milk chocolate.

Again I ate the two slabs at different times - I found one slab to be a nice amount but it wasnt as fufilling as the dark chocolate variant. The slabs had a crisp snap to them when breaking them apart...again I had slight reservations over the slab design...yes it looked nice but it truly was a pain breaking it up into sizeable pieces. The slabs had a nice aroma - alot stronger than most plain milk chocolate bars - it smelt very dairy based with a slight undertone of caramel...very nice indeed.

The on-pack blurb described the bar as having a strong cocoa taste - though the cocoa was more forthcoming than your standard milk chocolate the flavour wasnt quite as deep as I was expecting. The taste was in actual fact very milk based - this combined with the silky smooth texture made for a very flowing moreish flavour that I simply couldnt get enough of. The high levels of cocoa butter ensured the chocolate melted delightfully on the tongue - pure luxury. Every bite of each of the 60g bars seemed like pure indulgence...the flavour wasnt quite as deep and thick textured as the dark variant but it was still very good - superb infact.

Overall this is another great offering from Hotel Chocolat. The chocolate is devilishly creamy and has a texture that is just as silky-smooth as any chocolate out there. It dosent quite have the depth or richness of flavour of the dark 85% bar but this is still chocolate in some of its most divine form. This is definately the best milk chocolate I have tasted and its rating obviously reflects that - simply if you like milk chocolate (and who dosent!?) you need to try this bar.

9.0 out of 10