June 4th: Nestle Milo Bar (Aus)

Kcal 265 Fat 14.4g Fat(sats) 12.7g Carbs 30.1g

This bar came with the promise of being 'energy food'...well after eating this I certainly feel energised to write about this bar as I really want to share how good it was.

I did some prior research before eating this bar and I learnt that 'Milo' is actually more commonly known of in the form of a chocolate and malt flavoured milk drink. Though first manufactured in Australia its most popular in Malaysia where 90%+ of all 'Milo' is consumed (Thanks Wiki!!).

Anyway enough with the boring stuff - this form of the 'Milo' bar came from Australia in a single 50g serving. I must at this point say I was particularly hungry before eating this bar - but as of now (30 mins after eating!!) im still feeling very full.

The bar came in a very striking green foil wrapper. It was a bit cryptic as the only bar description on display read 'soft on top with a Milo base'.....thats very good if you know what 'Milo' is!!?? :S Let me fill you in...the bar in appearance looked remarkably similar to a Toffee Crisp...and it was built quite like one to; it had a cereal base with a layer of caramel placed above, all of which was coated in milk chocolate. The bar had a nice biscuity type smell with also a nice undertone of milk - thumbs up!

The texture of the bar was also very similar to a Toffee crisp - it combined a crunchy cereal base with a chewy caramel layer and a nice thick layer of chocolate. The only real difference between this and the 'Toffee Crisp' was that both the cereal and caramel elements were alot denser and more substantial - particularly the caramel which was very viscucous and alot chewier than the gooeyier toffee found in the Toffee Crisp. The chocolate was about right in thickness and provided a nice crisp outer layer.

The 'Milo' base is a mixture of rice cereal and barley - it had a distinct biscuity malty taste which with its substantial nature made for an extremely tasty and filling base to the bar. The chocolate was neither of great or poor quality...it wasnt the strongest in flavour though had a milky sweet taste....in truth this component could be done better. The caramel element to this bar was suprising in taste...I was expecting a very sweet taste but was infact met with a flavour that was more like fudge....it was far creamier than your standard caramel - very tasty.

Overall this is probably the best bar that I have tasted from the Sourthern Hemisphere so far. The 'Milo' combines a nice variety of textures and biscuity malty flavours in a substantial 50g bar that I can imagine when enjoyed with a cool glass of milk would really hit the spot if in a situation of any hunger. The only slight drawback comes with the chocolate which could of been implemented slightly better. Im also not overly sure about its 'Energy Food' positioning but that really dosent matter as at the root of things we have an extremely tasty bar. I would recommend this bar to my whole Chocolate Mission audience...its simple...if you like a Toffee Crisp or just the sound of it...try it.

8.5 out of 10

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