June 5th: Ferrero Rocher

Kcal 292 Fat 20.2g Fat(sats) 6.6g Carbs 22.4g ( per 50.0g)

I much prefer writing reviews for products I have liked and luckily today i get that luxury again....some might say "Monsieur, with this Rocher review, you're really spoiling us".....you will only get that if you live in the UK...a corny ad many moons ago.

Ferrero rather pompously describe 'Rocher' as 'whole hazelnut in milk chocolate and nut croquante'....what the hells is croquante?? Let me clear things up Rocher consist of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with nutella/hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Despite the over complicated on pack description I cannot lay fault to any other aspect of the Rocher's appearance...it looks fantastic and is presented amazingly. Everything from the gold foil wrapper to the chocolates themselves look the part - simple but stylish.

Beside from looking the part these also smelt hugely enticing....a very strong nutty smell was very apparent as soon as the chocolates were released from their golden wrappers... enormously appetite whetting.

As I have described above each chocolate has several layers to its consituants. The chocolate and chopped nuts coating provided an initial nice crispness to the chocolate. The next wafer layer for my liking was a tad insubstantial and light though still retained a nice crunch. The truffle centre was very smooth in texture and the whole hazelnut had a nice crunchy freshness...the number of different textures in this small chocolate is really quite remarkable and each of them brings a distinct unqiue texture characteristic.

Its pretty safe to say if you dont like nuts..you simpy arent going to like 'Rocher'. Each 'Rocher' is 30% compromised of hazelnuts so its not suprising the dominant flavour is a nutty one. The nut element actually has more prominance in the number of layers than the milk chocolate...theres chopped nuts in the coating, ground nuts in the truffle and of course the whole nut in the middle. The nut taste was distinctly fresh and with this forthcoming in flavour with a slight woody note. The milk chocolate element also tasted classy - it had a smooth milky taste that was neither too strong or weak in flavour...just right with the dominance of the nut flavour. The only sightly disappointing element was the wafer - like most Ferrero products it lacked subsitnance and flavour...very non descript and was very much like the wafer in the Kinder Bueno.

Overall theres nothing to say other than these are fantastic looking and tasting chocolates. They ooze class in every which way...the packaging, the smell and thankfully the way they taste. This might sound silly but its nice to find a chocolate that contains nuts and that actually has a strong nutty flavour....just too many bars and chocolates nowadays play host to non-flavoursome nuts...Ferrero Rocher are the opposite...30% nuts...100% taste. I would recommend these to anyone without a nut allergy :D :D :D haha no being serious I would recommend these to any truffles or nuts fans - very close to a top five place.

8.7 out of 10