June 6th: Cadbury Cherry Ripe (Aus)

Kcal 260 Fat 13.9g Fat(sats) 10.9g Carbs 30.4g

Earlier this week I made the revelation that the UK's classic Jameson Ruffle Rasberry was actually manufactured by a subsidary of Cadbury....well it appears Cadbury have shared this recipe concept abroad - more specfically with the guys 'down under' in Australia who have formulated a bar called the 'Cherry Ripe'.

The bars' on pack description states that it is comprised of 'Ripe juicy cherries and coconut in Old Gold rich dark chocolate'. As I said above the bar follows much the same formulation of the Ruffle bar but with a few fairly obvious variations. The first obvious variation comes in the substitution of rapsberry for cherry, the other is that the bar comes in larger 55g serving...this was a very substanstial bar and one that very much settled my hunger.

The bar came in a nice red foil wrapper - unfortunately this did not ensure much of a freshness to the appearance of the bar..as you will see above the chocolate showed slight 'blooming' and had a slightly off-putting white speckled coating. The bar also offered very little in the way of aroma - a slight hint of sweet cherry but this was very faint and without me actively searching for it would not have been detectable.

This bar had a nice initial texture with the outside chocolate providing a pleasant crispness upon biting into it. Unfortunately when letting the chocolate melt in my mouth I found that rather than smoothly melt it formed into clumps which I wasnt particularly partial to. Aswell as having a poor texture the chocolate didnt add much in terms of flavour - it took very much a back seat to the centre filling and provided little more than a slight mild cocoa note.

The mix of coconut and glace cherries provided both a chewy but crunchy texture. As you can see above the centre filling was artificially coloured red...fortunately this didnt correspond to the taste and both the coconut and cherry elements had a distinguished fresh taste. The coconut element provided a nice milky note which nicely mixed with the fruity sweet glace cherry to form a nice blend of flavours.

Overall this bar very much follows the story of the Jameson Ruffle Rapberry. The chocolate here is unquestionably quite poor...especially by Cadburys standards..it was lacking in flavor definition and had a particularly poor lumpy texture. Luckily the bar is saved by the centre filling having a nice fruity and fresh taste. The mix of cherrys and coconut is one that works - the chewy and crunchy textures provide a nice background to the mixing of the milky sweet flavours. With more attention paid to enhancing the chocolate element this bar could potentially be very good as the formulation and proportioning of the centre filling is spot on for the ingredients used. I would recommend this bar to fans of the Ruffle Raspberry or Bounty ranges...if you like the sound of the combination of cherrys and coconut its a pretty safe bet you will enjoy this bar.

7.1 out of 10

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