Sunday, 8 June 2008

June 8th: Oreo Cakesters Chocolate Creme

Kcal 250 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 36.0g

A few weeks ago dedicated Chocolate Mission reader Justin was kind enough to send me a pack of the original Oreo Cakesters to review...they scored a very reasonable 7.4 Chocolate Mission rating. For that reason when the opportunity arose for me to get my hands on a pack of the 'Chocolate Creme' variant I wasnt going to turn it down.

Much the same as the original variant these came in a pack of two cakes (57g), for reasons I will go into they turned out to feel like a more substantial product. As you can see above the cakes looked identical to the originals though with a darker coloured creme filling - very prtty to look at (..but even better to eat lol!). Aromawise the cakes lacked any smell worth mentioning...again a slightly sweet smell but nothing massivelly appealing.

The cake elements still retained a nice firm brownie type texture...slightly moist but firm and substantial to the bite. The cake pieces had a nice chocolaty taste and were definately still my favourite part of the cakesters - scrumptious.

So...the defining element of this variety the chocolate did it fare? Better than the original creme fillling in my opinion. Though still the same in proportion the creme filling had a thicker denser texture and with this a stronger flavour. The original Cakesters creme had a very sweet slightly milky flavour, this variant was creamier but slightly less sweet and had an cocoa edge to its taste.

Overall if I was offered a pack of these or a Kinder Slice I honestly dont know which I would pick (both probably haha!). These are on a par with the Kinder Slice but marginally better tasting than the original Cakesters! This is solely due to the creme filling flavour being slightly more distinguished making for a marginally more satisfying product. Again these come highly recommended by myself - an absolutely perfect snack enjoyed with a cool glass of milk.

7.7 out of 10

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