July 10th: Nestle Turtles Milk Chocolate

Kcal 240 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 30.0g

Yet another US import has made its way to me via the guys at CandyPirate for its Chocolate Mission ruling - todays review is the milk chocolate version of the Nestle Turtles. 'Turtles' seem to be quiet a common form of presentation for chocolates in the US - these Nestle branded turtles, although produced in Canada are still the most famous on the US marketplace....from what im aware of anyway!

On pack these 'Nestle Turtles' were described as containing 'milk chocolate, pecans, cashews and caramel'. They came in a plentiful 50g serving which amounted to three individual 'Turtles'. The packaging looked nice and had a nice foil metallic wrapping (hence the glare on the picture! Sorry!). Inside another cardboard protector was included...a nice addition that I always like but unfortunately there wasnt much to protect lol! Now im told these 'Turtles' are called 'Turtles' for the reason that they theoretically are supposed to look like them....hmmm im sorry but take a look at the picture above - you can vaguelly make out the positioning of the head, tail and legs etc but really I think more effort could be put in here....arent these meant to be iconic after all? Upon opening the packaging these offered a sweet milky smell which had a slight maltyness...not the most alluring ever but ok nonetheless.

The coating of these Turtles were formed of milk chocolate which were of a pretty standard Nestle quality with quite a one dimensional sweet milk based flavour. It lacked the cocoa flavour depth of the better milk chocolates on the market but as always it did a resonable job in this regard. The caramel was proportioned quite generously and had a thick texture. Its flavour wasnt overly sweet and had a nice mapley taste which was very pleasant. The base of the 'Turtles' were formed of a layer of both chopped pecan and cashew nuts. Unfortunately due to their chopped nature they didnt quite add the crunch I was hoping for...they were too soft to the bite for my liking and due to the thickness of the caramel their flavours were all but lost...their chopped nature also meant I was finding small bits of nuts in my teeth for hours after - not good!

Overall I think these are a pretty good concept which Nestle have delievered to a resonable standard - but with a few slight flaws. For starters the design of the Turtles themselves are disappointing...they look poor for what could potentially be a fun and unique look. The chocolate and caramel layers are delivered to a reasonably high standard but in contrast the pecan and cashew nuts are poor...again a unique idea including these type of nuts - not many other bars do..but the way they were chopped so finely gave them a relatively flavourless meaningless presence. These are a pretty standard and fair product which are worth trying if you get the chance...at the end of the day though I just cant help but feel theres room for improvement.

7.3 out of 10

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