July 11th: M&Ms White Chocolate "Pirate Pearls"

Kcal 220 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 29.0g

Up until a few days ago these were one limited edition candy with which I thought I had 'missed the boat' so to speak...luckily after a little crafty ebaying and some speedy delivery on the sellers part I was able to track down these illustrious (and thankfully still in date!!) M&Ms White Chocolate "Pirate Pearls".

Its amazing how long manufactures can make their chocolates shelf life now a days...these "Pirate Pearls" were tied in with the release of the last Pirates of the Carribean film 'Dead Mans Chest'....as I said dont worry I checked the best before on these before I ate them - five months left!!

These came in a 42.5g serving in a packet that was almost identically coloured to the 'Almond' variant....talk about not making it easy for people eh!? Despite their confusing choice of packet colour the M&Ms themselves came in a nice array of pastel colours...they looked nice and the extra added detail of the printed 'M's and skull and crossbones etc looked smartish. Now I normally complain about the smell of M&Ms but these took things to a new level...they smelt HORRIBLE!! Now im going to give them a 3 out of 10 for aroma as I understand these obviously being as aged as they were, were never going to be the freshest....but to be honest thats being kind...these smelt awful...like gone off milk - a look at other reviews confirms this wasnt only me who thought this.

Thankfully these tasted a little better than they smelt...though that was never going to be hard was it. The shells provided their typical initial crunch and sweet taste and were not at all suprising in their flavour. The white chocolate centers melted smoothly in the mouth, though the flavours did not really establish themselves itself until the M&Ms were chewed. The centres tasted like sweetened natrual yogurt....scratch that...very sweet natraul yogurt. In truth they wernt repulsive but I soon found the taste to become monotonous and just to sweet for me to handle...I found these so sweet infact I had to eat the 42.5g pack over two sittings.

Overall these are probably a variation of M&Ms that I should of just let pass me by. I know and understand these would not have been the freshest of products but I doubt that a fresher version could really have made that much difference. Theres no two ways about it...these smelt ridiculously bad - absolutely ghastly...and though they tasted moderately better I still found these to be overly sweet to the point that it made my throat hurt and my teeth tingle. Im not going to recommend these to anyone...unfortunately the worst of the M&Ms range I have tried...best to just leave these now I think - its time they walked the plank :)

6.1 out of 10