July 12th: Cadbury Dairy Milk (Ireland)

Kcal 280 Fat 15.7g Carbs 30.5g

Firstly I would like to thank Chocolate Mission reader Saz who made this review possible by kindly sending me a delightful bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk....whats so special about this bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk!?...well it was producded in Dublin Ireland. Though beforehand I admit being rather sceptical myself about the plausability of there being a difference, I do confess now after eating it, I couldnt have been more wrong.

Saz was kind enough to send me a 55g bar...just look at the packaging above!! Retro style Cadbury packaging!! None of this all in one foil packing we have here in the UK now. This was old school - a paper sleeve with a loose gold foil wrapping...like something straight out of Charlie's Chocolate Factory! The retro packaging was superb and the bar was flawlessly presented itself - it looked gorgeous. Despite the slightly looser foil the bar still had a sensual creamy cocoa aroma....Dairy Milk has such a distinct smell, for me it evokes so many good feelings...when you smell Dairy Milk you know your tatebuds are going to be in for a treat.

So come on Jim get to the bloody point does it taste any different!?....well it does....but I have no idea how or why lol!! The bar had exactly the same ingredients list, exactly the same cocoa & milk solids levels (20%)...but believe me this was different. The texture of the Irish bar was far far thicker...for me the English bar has a near perfect texture that melts in the mouth at just the right rate into a luxuriously smooth syrup like texture. The Irish Dairy Milk was denser and did not melt as fast...once it was melted it was still tremendously thick, almost glue like in the mouth. What this made for was a far creamier taste that was certainly far richer than our English offering. Tastewise I cant say I prefer one over the other...the Irish version is creamier but the English version has a slightly sharper cocoa flavour - to be honest they are both delicious.

Overall I was suprised but there genuinely was a difference between the two bars. The Irish bar is certainly richer and has a delightful creamyness. Personally I found the texture a little on the thick side...the bar needed a little more chewing than I would have liked and even when melted it was just a tad dense. Whats bugging me about all this is im still none the wiser to how these differences have come to be!? Nothing on the packaging or the net seems to be able this question...I would love to hear from anyone else who has tried both Irish and English variants...mark my words there is a difference...and personally im going to sit right bang on the middle of this lovely fence...they are both brilliant milk chocolate bars :D :D :D I really want to hear from people who have tried both...for those that havent I strongly recommend this bar....a glass and a half full of milk!?....a glass and a half full of luxury more like!

8.9 out of 10