July 12th: Revels

Kcal 168 Fat 7.3g Carbs 23.8g

Unfortunately for us in the UK its Big Brother time again and Revels are the latest brand this year to climb on the bandwagon with their own flavour themed 'eviction'. It indeed seems that Mars are getting rid of one of the current flavours - if you care you can cast your vote on this site 'Revels Eviction'.

For those of you who aren't from the UK and don't know what Revels are, they are balls of milk chocolate which have an assortment of flavoured centres. The flavours include: coffee, orange, chocolate, raisin, caramel and Maltesers. These came in a 35g bag, which although wern't the most hunger fulfilling made were a sufficient snack. The Packaging looked okish - not the greatest choice of colours on the wrapper all of which I think are a bit mundane. The Revels themselves were mostly pretty hard to tell apart - the Maltesers, orange, coffee and caramel are totally non distinctive....though judging by the last marketing campaign the 'roulette' nature of these are meant to be a selling point and not a frustration....I guess the little anticipation before the revelation of the flavour hit was partially interesting.

Despite the huge variation of flavours the bag smelt purely single scented...a very familiar milky cocoa aroma that wasn't to forthcoming in its strength.

Due to the nature of the different centres there were a variety of different textures and of course flavours. The milk chocolate coating was the same across all flavours - not the strongest tasting but with a nice milky flavour that allowed the different flavours of the centres to establish themselves.

Orange - Had a nice fruity taste that although sweet were just about the right strength in flavour concentration. The texture was fondant like and contrasted nicely with the smooth milk chocolate coating.

Chocolate - The most obvious shaped and flavoured exactly the same as the rest of the milk chocolate coatings. The texture was nice and smooth - although not the most exciting they were a pleasant flavour.

Coffee - My favourite of the lot. The texture had the same fondant like grainy feel of the orange though it tasted not half as sweet with a unique cappuccino like taste. Unfortunately I only got two of these in my pack :(

Caramel - Due to their name I was expecting a far softer more liquid centre..in actual fact I think these would be better described as toffee. They were soft and and chalky in the mouth and had a very awkward dry feeling agaisnt the smoothness of the milk chocolate. They weren't the most forthcoming in flavour though had a nice buttery aftertaste.

Raisin - These were not the freshest tasting Raisins I have ever had and the nature of their skins made for a pretty vile clash of smooth and leathery textures. Despite their horrible texture they had a nice sweet fruity sugary flavour that I enjoyed.

Maltesers - Well whats there to say? A nice combination of light textured honeycomb and milk chocolate but in comparison to the other flavours on offer I found myself disappointed when I came across one of these.

Overall these are a pretty standard and unspectacular collection of flavours. Personally my favourites were the orange and coffee...both of which offered a nice variable texture and flavour hit against the smooth milk chocolate coatings. The caramel, raisin and chocolate flavours offered moderately interesting alternatives, though I have to call in to question the inclusion of the Maltesers. In comparison to the other alternatives the Maltesers lack that flavour hit and personally if I was to vote to get rid of one of the flavours it would be that one...after all if you fancy Maltesers just buy a bag of them!! These aren't the most spectacular of products ever and your hardly missing out if you give these a miss...for those that like a bit of variation in their chocolate these are a nice choice for you. If you guys vote in the 'flavour eviction' leave a note of which you voted for!!

7.0 out of 10