July 14th: Munchies

Kcal 273 Fat 13.4g Fat(sats) 8.5g Carbs 35.9g

These have been around ever since I can remember...doing some research I found out that they have actually been around for over 50 years now - thats a pretty long time considering the in and out nature of the confectionary market nowadays. Until today I hadnt had a pack in years so I decided it was about time to put these under the Chocolate Mission microscope.

On pack Munchies are described as individual milk chocolate-coated blocks with a caramel and biscuit centre. There are twelve in a pack which made for quite a substantial serving - more so than I could handle at one time but I will go into that. The appearance was a bit of a mixed bag...the packaging combined a smart looking red outer wrapper with a nice gold foil inner layer...unfortunately although looking nice it didnt protect the chocolates as I would have wished - many of the chocolates had scuffed appearances and had a dull dusty surface...they just didnt look the freshest product ever. Despite the relatively un-fresh looking aesthetic appearance they had a resonably nice aroma - very chocolaty with a slight hint of vanilla essence.

I ate these very much like i eat most of my chocolate - I placed one on my tongue and let the taste slowly evolve as each of the different layers melted away. The outside chocolate had a grainy texture much like its appearance suggested. It wasnt repulsive but it wasnt the smooth initial texture I was hoping for. Its flavour was quite milky but had a dominant sugary taste - it wasnt the best milk chocolate and was not up to the usual Nestle standard which at best can be quite creamy and pleasant.

The caramel layer lay beneath the milk chocolate coating and boy was this sweet. The texture was quite runny for caramel and took no time at all to disappear once exposed in the mouth. Its flavour was very sharp and very very sugar rooted...it was so sweet that after only a few of these I got that sensation of pain in my teeth - ouchie..I was not impressed one bit - this was seriosuly poor caramel - it came as no suprise when I looked at the ingreidents list that suagr was indeed top.

The last element was the biscuit layer which actually was too bad. It had a nice shortbread like taste and had a slightly salty note to it that thankfully didnt add more of a sweetness to what was already a pretty sickly taste. Despite being at the centre of the quite moist runny caramel the small biscuit piece still managed to maintain a degree of crunchyness which was a nice texture variation.

Overall these are a pretty unspectaular offering from Nestle. The milk chocolate coating was pretty poor for the normally okish Neslte standard milk chocolate - its texture was quite gritty and its flavour really quite sweet. The caramel flavour was overly dominating and and it made for a very sickly overall flavour....so much so that after half a pack I could eat no more - my teeth couldnt handle the pain and the back of my throat was burning with the sweetness of each Munchie. Its quite a shame as at the heart of each Munchie lies a pretty nice tasting biscuit piece...I just couldnt take the taste of the overly sugar reliant outer layers to get to it. Overall I guess if your a fan of really sweet chocolate and think you can handle the sugar then these are worth a look at..I cant go as far as recommending them though.

5.7 out of 10