July 17th: Nestle Milo (SA)

Kcal 212 Fat 10.9 Carbs 25.7g

Sweetstall yet again came up trumps for me today and in reaction to my review on the Nestle Milo bar from Australia, the guys thought it right to send me through a sample of the South African variant of the bar.

Despite being under the same 'Milo' brand the bar was distinctly different in proposition. It weighed in at a smaller 42g bar and comprised simply of a bar of milk chocolate with 'choco malt (17%)' spread througout. The bar was fairly substantial though I feel it could have done with being about at least 20% bigger...making it round a 50g bar. The bar was presented nicely in a green foil wrapper - the bar itself was unspectacular in appearance though it was fresh looking with a smooth surface, it also broke up easily went sectioned.

The bar had a nice milky smell that had a slight hint of maltyness - it gave a very real indication of how the bar was going to taste. The milk chocolate had a relatively nice texture that melted in the mouth at a nice steady rate. Its texture was neither the softest or the smoothest though this mattered very little with the extra roughness added by the powder like Milo. The milk chocolate was pleasant enough in flavour - it had a pretty standard Neslte milk chocolate flavour...more milky than cocoa based , sweet but not overly so...just real unoffensive average milk chocolate. The 'Milo' choco malt wasnt over generously portioned and held a pretty low key presence at the bottom of each of the blocks. Despite its relatively low presence it tasted delicious and had a really pleasant crunchy biscuity flavour. The choco malt reminded me very much of Oreo cookies but with a slightly more established honey noted flavour with just the tiniest hint of salt.

Overall this bar is another great tasting extension of the 'Milo' brand though there is a slight job to be done with the way the bar is put togther and proportioned. The milk chocolate was pleasant enough, its milky flavour was tasty if a little unspectacular. The bars main strength though lay in the Milo element which unfortunately just wasnt generouly portioned enough. Simply put the Milo choco malt element had a delicious taste - biscuity and original in its flavour...it just need implementing more. I wouldn't recommend this variation of the Milo over its Australian counterpart but Milo fans will inevitably enjoy this. Its a nice bar but its also a pretty average one at the same time...worth a look at if you come across it.

7.6 out of 10

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