July 17th: Terry's Chocolate Orange Golden Nugget Crunch

Kcal 210 Fat 11.0g Carbs 24.5g

Hot off the back of last weeks Terry's Chocolate Orange review, and due to the subsequent requests that followed, today saw me delve further into the Terry's range with the 'Golden Nugget Crunch' - a bar that had the same 'milk chocolate flavoured with real orange' but with the added inclusion of 'studded honeycomb flavour crunchy bits (10%)'.

This variant came in the same sized 40g pack as the original and was packged in a yellow coloured variation of the original wrapper. The bar itself also had the same distinct segmented appearance, though as you can see above had small golden pieces of honeycomb throughout.....I say throughout though one of the only letdowns of the bar was that the honeycomb pieces were unforunately far more present in one half of the bar than the other. As with the original bar as soon as the wrapper was opened I was overwhelmed by the strength of the orange aroma...it was a tad artifical but refreshing none the less.

After the first half of the bar I have to admit I was disappointed. The bar hardly included any honeycomb pieces and although the flavour of the orange and milk chocolate were still as delicious as the original, the subtly of the honeycomb was disappointing. Thankfully though the latter three pieces of the bar subsequently contained vast amounts of honeycomb pieces - and my oh my were they delicious. One of my slight gripes with the original chocolate orange was that by the end of the bar its flavour was becoming too sweet....well you may be suprised to hear that the honeycomb went some way to settling this problem. The honeycomb was not as simple in flavour as I thought it was going to be - each little crunchy piece gave a burst of honey flavour. It tasted slightly floral with a touch of caramel, and was nowhere as sweet as I was expecting - it was more pronounced in its flavour depth than I was anticipating. The extra element of the honeycomb went some way to subsiding the sweetness of the chocolate which made for an extremely moreish taste...in a word YUM :D

Overall I must admit that at 35p a bar I was expecting a devilishly over sweet variation of the original chocolate orange. To be honest I really couldn't have been more wrong - the extra honeycomb pieces added further depth to the taste and with were far more advanced in their flavour credentials than I was expecting. This is definately one for fans of Terry's Chocolate Orange; at just 35p you could buy ten of these for just one Hotel Chocolat 85% slab...now im not going to say I would buy the ten of these but the point im trying to get across is that you really cant go wrong at least trying this bar for that price....a great tasting variation that even betters the original....its not often I say that now!

8.4 out of 10