July 20th: Nestle Milkybar Buttons

Kcal 164 Fat 9.5g Carbs 17.4g

I revealed yesterday that the Milkybar kid is struggling at the momment in the war of the chocolate buttons - facing heavy competition from the Cadbury alternatives I reviewed yesterday. In order to complete my ruling over the matter, today I tucked into a packet of the Neslte Milkybar Buttons.

Just as with the Cadbury Buttons I sampled these in a standard 37.5g bag; again they wern't the most substantial snack ever but I guess its worth taking into account the smaller appetite size of the younger demographic these are aimed at. The Milkybar Buttons came in a sealed foil pack - quite basic decoration but the packet did care to highlight the 'all natraul ingredients'...26% whole cows milk (dried of course), cocoa butter, sugar, whey powder, veg fat and vanilla flavouring....nice to know I guess and pretty clean for such a mass producded confection. The Buttons themselves were slightly smaller than their Cadbury counterparts...it didn't really make any difference and I personally dont have a preference...it just meant there were more of them. Due to the foil packaging the buttons retained a nice aroma within the packet - they had an awesome fresh cream like smell that smelt very enticing indeed.

These buttons tasted no different to the chocolate in the Milkybar bar format - utterly delicious! They had the same super smooth milk taste, with just the smallest note of vanilla in the aftertaste - theres no doubting these were sweet but the milkyness washed over the sweetness and produced a long luxurious creamy taste. The shape and size of the buttons meant they melted nicely on the tongue at a rate that was not quite as fast as the Cadburys alternatives. The taste experience was longer and a wonderfully creamy aftertaste stayed in the mouth for a longer duration after.

Overall quite why the Milkybar Kid is losing his battle agaisnt the Cadbury competition is beyond me. The ingredients used in the Milkybar Buttons is of a higher quality and the taste is simply of a better standard. The Cadbury White buttons yesterday were extremely sweet and the 37.5g serving was just about right, I could litterally eat a mountain of these Milkybar Buttons...they are sweet yes...but more so creamy, and just simply moreish. Personally If I was to grab a Milkybar product I would grab the bar version...and thats purely down to the serving size being bigger. If I had to choose a pack of 'Buttons'!? No contest!! Milkybar Kid you have the backing of Chocolate Mission.

8.0 out of 10