July 22nd: After Eight Bitesize

Kcal 259 Fat 16.4g Fat(sats) 10.7g Carbs 40.5g (per tube)

What ever happened to the Mint Munchies?? Well I can tell you …they got rebranded as the After Eight Bitesize in 2006 that’s what. To be honest I think it made perfect sense considering the only way that they resembled Munchies in any way were through their appearance! Apart from that they are completely different – a mint soft centre fondant that is coated in plain semi sweet chocolate…vastly different to the caramel and biscuit original milk chocolate Munchies i reviewed about a week ago.

These came in a pack of 61g which contained twelve bite sized cubes. I personally don’t think there is a person alive that could possibly eat these all in one sitting…personally I preferred to just have the occasional one every so often and it took me over two weeks to eat a whole pack.

The packaging was nice in appearance and the gold foil wrapper made for a nice looking protective covering. The chocolates had a slight cocoa scent with a hint of fresh mint…not the strongest or most appetising but ok nonetheless.

As I have said I personally think it would be nearly impossible to eat all 12 in one sitting....they were so devilishly sweet. The fondant centres tasted almost completely of sugar...not suprising due to the pack being over 66% pure sugar!! Cazy huh! The plain chocolate lacked flavour and had an unfortunate grainy clumpy texture as it melted in the mouth. The fondant centres were more liquid in constituents than I was expecting and had a cool feel on the tongue...if it wasnt also for their gritty nature I would have enjoyed this texture far more. Its extremely rare that I get pain in my teeth when I eat sweet foods - but like the original Munchies these pained me to eat...I could literally feel my throat burning after eating just one...again simply too much for me.

Overall these are definately not a product I will be revisiting in the near future...if only for the sake of my teeth. The spearmint flavour was no doubt refreshing of sorts, and I can see the credibility in this product for its initial purpose...just the one off mint after dinner or with a coffee...just, in this guise I simply believe the flavours just dont work - its just overly sugar based and way to sweet. These arent a product im going to recommend to anyone - if you want chocolate mint I suggest you save yourself the dentist bill and seek elsewhere.

5.3 out of 10