July 25th: Hotel Chocolat 50% Milk Chocolate

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

All good things come to an end and unfortunately this was the last slab that came in the 'Peepster Box' that reader Maxine so kindly sent my way. This 50% milk chocolate slab promised 'ultra creamy milk chocolate with loads of cocoa for an extra chocolatey boost' containing 50% cocoa and 20% milk solids....its always refreshing to see cocoa solids topping the ingredients list and not the usual sugar. Like the other plain flavoured slabs this variant came in two 62.5g slabs which as ever provided me with two plentiful and fulfiling single servings.

Despite spending a longer time sitting around in the Peepster Box the product still felt just as fresh as the other slabs I had started reviewing weeks ago. Im not gonna back down on my initial feelings towards the slab presentation style....it looks great oh yes....buts its practability I still believe to be poor. As I said the slab still had the same freshness as the ones I reviewed weeks before...the same shimmering flawless surface, the same crisp cracking sound as I split it up and the same distinctness of aroma when released from its plastic wrapper. This bar in particular had a strong chocolatey scent that was ever so faintly sweet and floral...very forthcoming and very tempting.

The taste of this chocolate was unsuprising in that it was exactly how it was described on pack. It had stronger taste than the 40% house that I rated so highly...its flavour was less creamy and edgier with its cocoa sharpness...I was expecting this to make the bar richer but the lack of creamyness meant that the texture was less viscous and despite the flavour being stronger than the 40% the taste didn't last as long in the mouth. The stronger tasting chocolate still melted in the mouth at a delightful butter like rate....just so silky and divine. The bar didnt quite have the longevity of aftertaste of the 85% or the 40% though its flavour on the tongue more than held its own.

Overall another great tasting option from Hotel Chocolat - not the best offering no but I believe it definately serves a purpose in the range in that it could be a great bar for someone looking to bridge the step change between milk and dark chocolate. Its cocoa flavour is noticeably more intense than in the 40% bar but isn't quite the harshness of the 85% bar that some may find just all to much if unfamiliar with stronger chocolate. Personally I like my chocolate either milky or dark...so In honesty I wouldn't go rushing back to this bar all that soon...thats not to say this isn't another luxurious variant...it is! I fully recommend this bar for those looking for an adventure outside their comfy milk chocolate zone but are scared to go for a fully fledged dark chocolate option...in my book theres no better bar to introduce your tastebuds to stronger tasting chocolate...not that I know of yet anyway ;) So I have come to the end of my 'Peepster Box'....lucky the postman delivered another different selection this morning :D with even more exciting flavours from the Hotel Chocolat range - coming soon to a Chocolate Mission near you :D

8.4 out of 10